Coming Soon: GM Events AW17 Milton Keynes Fashion Show + Competition

GM Events Fashion Show Milton Keynes

Autumn is officially here! It’s time to wave goodbye to those summer dresses, sandals and after work drinks in the beer gardens. Although it feels like we had to say goodbye to those for far too long already! The sun said hello very briefly this summer didn’t it!

Put on a snuggly jumper, grab a hot chocolate and why not snap up a ticket to the hottest AW17 fashion show in Milton Keynes?

If you’re a regular to my blog, you’ll know that I am a big fan of GM Events’ “Fashion Show MK” events. It’s such a fun evening of the latest trends, great brands (both local and UK wide), new collections, drinks, entertainment and so much more. It’s the perfect excuse to grab the girls for a fashionable night out, or pop along with your other half as there will be menswear there too!

Yes, GM Event’s Fashion Show MK is not just for us fashion loving girls, it’s for those style conscious guys too!

GM Events Fashion Show

Fashion Show MK

GM Events Fashion Show MK

Fancy it? You can grab tickets on Eventbrite now to ensure your name is down on the guest list and you won’t miss out!

Here’s the link you need: …I’ll see you there!

The GM Events AW17 Fashion Show MK will be held on Saturday 28th October, 7pm-10pm at the stunning Chicheley Hall, which is just on the outskirts of Milton Keynes.

Feeling lucky? I’m giving away 2 free tickets to the AW17 edition of Fashion Show MK over on my Twitter page!

It’s super easy to enter, here’s how…

  1. Follow me on Twitter by clicking here: @Amanda_Alston
  2. Retweet the competition tweet which can be found here:
  3. That’s it! :)

Competition is open to the UK only. Closes Wednesday 18th October. Good luck!

I really hope to see you there, it’s definitely one night not to miss! Do come and say hello if you see me there :)

*Thank you to Gemma from GM Events for providing me with 2 tickets to give away to this fabulous event! Bring on the fashion, drinks & fun!


67:33 Fashion Brand Launch Party

67:33 Vintage Fashion Brand

Calling all vintage and new collection lovers!

Last night I was invited down to the launch party of 67:33, a sparkling brand new fashion brand, bringing you vintage collections hand picked by real people. 67:33 is the brainchild of my lovely former work colleague Amy Tompkins, working alongside her partner Akshay.

And…not only are they going to provide you with the best vintage styles, they’re also in the process of creating their own fabulous new collections. How exciting!

But why 67:33 I hear you ask? What do the numbers stand for? Last night Amy explained all. It’s all about how she likes to lead her life, 67% led by creativity and 33% led by logic. How beautiful?

67:33 Fashion Brand Launch

67:33 Launch Party

67:33 Launch Party

67:33 Launch Party

67:33 Clothing Brand Launch

67:33 Vintage Clothing Brand Launch

6733 Vintage Fashion

The launch party was 100% Pinterest ready, with gorgeous balloons, pom poms, music flowing, a beautiful food table complete with jars of sweets, glasses of Prosecco with that added raspberry touch – it was stunning. To one end they had rails of beautiful clothing for you to look through and lust over – a treasure trove of different styles, colours, cuts and patterns. It was simply perfect.

Amy spoke about her love for creativity and how 67:33 has had very humble beginnings from when she was living in a flat in London, collecting pieces from the markets, charity shops and anywhere she could get her hands on items she fell in love with. Years of passion have gone into 67:33 and if anyone can make it happen, I’m sure it’s Amy!

During the evening, Amy’s brother, Daniel Butler, recited a collection of poetry. A powerful selection of words to reflect 67:33, which were also printed in her publication that we all received last night to introduce us to the brand.

67:33 Fashion Brand Launch

67:33 Launch Party

67:33 Launch Party

67:33 Launch Party

67:33 is definitely one to watch, I can assure you.

Follow them on Instagram here: _6733 to stay up-to-date with their next movements, style inspo and perfect pieces.

They will be launching very very soon on the ASOS Marketplace, which is fantastic news! So do give them a follow, support Amy in her dream and let’s all enjoy the beautiful items from 67:33.

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Seaweed tagliatelle with a tomatoey seafood mix

I Sea Pasta Seaweed Tagliatelle

Why did the crab blush? …because the sea weed! Ha!

Today I have a very intriguing foodie product to share with you. Seaweed tagliatelle!

The fabulous people at Seamore Food have created some absolutely amazing products, including the I Sea Pasta Seaweed Tagliatelle which Ian and I have been trying out. (They do an I Sea Bacon pack too!)

I Sea Pasta is filled with so much goodness it’s pretty gobsmacking! It’s full of fibre, top vitamins and minerals, omega3,  antioxidants… Plus, it’s vegan, gluten free, low-carb, low-calorie AND it actually tastes yummy! Win win!

It’s really good to know that the harvesting process is sustainable too. The harvesters only pick patches up to a maximum of 15%, ensuring that the seaweed will grow back. The Seamore company, its harvesters and partners are all certified organic too!

So, let me share with you how we (well…Ian!) cooked up this yummy seaweed tagliatelle, featuring a few of our favourite ingredients from Waitrose.

I Sea Pasta Seaweed Tagliatelle

Ingredients we used:

Seamore I Sea Pasta Seaweed Tagliatelle

Seafood mix – this is a bag you can grab in Waitrose featuring mussels, squid rings and prawns

Sweet & Tangy, tomato & sun-dried tomato jar sauce

Onion, garlic, courgette – use as much or as little as you wish!

Intensely rich sun-dried tomatoes, scattered over once served

Lemon – for a little squeeze over at the end

…we also paired ours up with a little bit of warmed up rosemary and rock salt focaccia bread on the side, which is deeelish by the way! Definitely recommend this beautiful bread! I’m 100% going to buy it again sometime.

Waitrose Rock Salt and Rosemary Focaccia Bread

There are 3 different ways to cook the seaweed. You can soak it for 45 mins in cold water, which reduces the “sea breeze” smell – they recommend this for raw food/salads etc. Secondly, you can soak it in hot water for 20 mins and you will get a slight “sea breeze” scent and a mild bite. Or alternatively, you can do what we did and cook it for 15-20 mins like you would with a pasta – this leaves it more tender and you have more of that “sea breeze” as Seamore likes to call it!

Seamore Food I Sea Pasta Review

I have seen some people say they don’t like the smell of it, but both me and Ian were a fan! We’re big seafood lovers anyways and love our mussels, calamari, prawns and other fishy dishes – so maybe we’re more accustomed to it? When it was cooking it smelt lovely, and to the taste I didn’t find it overpoweringly fishy/seaside-y at all!

We loved the texture of the seaweed and really thought it had a substantial substance to it. It wasn’t too floppy or mushy, it really filled us up! I’ve tried other “healthy” pastas before such as Slim Pasta from Holland and Barrett and have been completely unimpressed…so much so that I threw out the packets I had left, because I disliked it so much. The Seamore I Sea Pasta is completely different and I am really looking forward to having the rest of the packet for another dinner this week!

Healthy, tasty and filling, there’s nothing we didn’t like about it! Paired up with all the other tasty ingredients we put it with and it was such a yummy dinner. Well done Seamore! We’re so pleased to have discovered you!

Intrigued? Want to give it a whirl too? You can find out more about Seamore Food over on their website here: and a quick little search online will bring up a whole host of places to buy it from! Enjoy!

*Thank you to Seamore Food for letting us try out their funky seaweed tagliatelle for free. We’re genuinely impressed how tasty and filling it is!

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The Little Book of Earrings

Little Book of Earrings Review

How do you store your jewellery? Personally, I have one big box, a smaller makeup bag, some thrown in another storage basket, a trinket jar for earrings…’s a little haphazard to say the least! So, if you’re anything like me, or happen to know a few people who are big jewellery lovers – this is the post for you!

Little Shop Of Ltd. create the most beautiful ways to both store your jewellery and travel with your pieces too. I mean, just look at this Little Book of Earrings…isn’t it beautiful!?

When I received this in the post, one of my first thoughts was how good the quality it is. Not that I was expecting it not to be, it’s just SO lovely! It has a popper fastening and is filled with super soft padded pages to hold up to 48 earrings. The unique design will ensure your earrings don’t get tangled and gold and silver earrings won’t get tarnished either as the book is tested for sulphur content – perfect! They’ve even thought of those times when we rush out the door (always me!) and occasionally end up spilling/knocking something over in the process, the books are wipe clean!

Little Book of Earrings

Now, I’m going to be really honest here. I’m already planning my Christmas presents. Yeap. I’m one of those people who gets things throughout the year to stay organised and on top of everything. I have a spreadsheet on the go and everything…don’t laugh! I’m a geek when it comes to Christmas planning…ha!

Anyways, thinking ahead to the C word and any other birthdays this year, wouldn’t this just make THE perfect gift? Not only will 100% of people (I’m sure!) love to receive this as a gift, I’m thinking that this could be the perfect gift for those people who simply have everything, or maybe those who are a little harder to buy for. Don’t you think? Oooh, or people who love books AND jewellery – now this would be a winner for those people!

Little Shop Of not only do earring books, they do necklace ones, ones for rings, travel ones…and they come in a vast variety of colours and prints, you’re bound to find the perfect one for your loved one (or yourself!). The book style means it can be stored easily tucked away on your bookshelf or why not let it sit pretty on your dressing table?

Little Book of Earrings

Little Shop Of Ltd. is run by husband and wife team Simon and Jackie McLaren. Jackie really wanted something to keep her jewellery from getting tangled and together they came up with this fantastic idea. They tested it out via a local gift shop to see if they’d sell, and within 24 hours all the books had sold out! How fab! The books are now stocked at over 250 stockists nationwide, including the likes of Simply Be and JD Williams. Well done Simon and Jackie! I’m really not surprised as it’s such a lovely, beautiful, yet practical and affordable idea.

Little Book of Earrings

Little Book of Earrings Review

Little Book of Earrings Review

So, I bet you’re all wondering how you can get your hands on one of these beautiful Little Shop Of Ltd. books? I would be!

Just head on over to their website here: to find out everything you need to know, discover the collection and check out all the colour variations available!

Thank you ever so much to Little Shop Of Ltd. for providing this item in return for my genuine thoughts on it. It’s beautiful and I’ll definitely suggest it to friends and family who are stuck for gift ideas!

Revamped PizzaExpress cracks the code for a great night out

Pizza Express Milton Keynes

No, I couldn’t have thought of a much cheesier title than that if I tried! But yes, PizzaExpress in Midsummer Arcade Milton Keynes has had a rather lovely refresh with a Bletchley Park twist!

I think it’s so great that this chain restaurant has taken the time to pay homage to local history, by ensuring their décor reminds us of how amazing the code breaking team were just down the road in Bletchley Park during the war.

With a glass of Prosecco in my hand and a glass of Peroni in Ian’s, here’s the low down on the food we enjoyed…

Ian just had to have the calamari as soon as he spotted it! Perfectly battered and served with Caesar dressing and a slice of lemon, these were as yummy as expected and always a sure winner of a starter!

I opted for the Risotto Primavera, which I’ve realised is much harder to get a pretty photograph of, but I can assure you that this was a super yummy choice for a starter and a great way to get added greens into your meal. This risotto starter is one of their new additions to the menu and is completed with the flavours of white wine, garlic and Gran Milano cheese. This dish is gluten free too!

Pizza Express Milton Keynes

Pizza Express Milton Keynes

For mains Ian had the huge spicy Calabrese pizza, which is topped with amazing ingredients such as sausage, red chilli, Roquito pepper, roasted peppers, mozzarella, tomato, buffalo mozzarella, rocket, pesto and Gran Milano cheese – just in case you didn’t have enough cheese already! What a pizza! This is a hot dish, so those who can’t handle the heat (like me!) need not apply. But if heat is your thing, Ian would definitely recommend this.

I had the Seafood Rigatoni which is one of PizzaExpress’ Spring Specials! Fish lovers unite! This rigatoni pasta dish is full of the lovely stuff. Salmon, pollock and king prawns, served in a creamy white wine and garlic sauce, topped with lemon and parsley. I absolutely loved it! The slice of lemon was perfect too. You can’t beat a squeeze of lemon on fish dishes!

We also tried our first ever lot of polenta chips! It was really nice to try something new and unusual. I think I’m still a fan of my standard chips or a good ol’ portion of sweet potato fries, but it’s definitely worth trying these out for fun! You might just love them!

Pizza Express Milton Keynes
Pizza Express Milton Keynes
Pizza Express Milton Keynes
Pizza Express Milton Keynes Review

Now for dessert… I tried the Lemon Bundt Cake which is another one of their Spring Specials, and oh wow! This is to die for. Now I’m not usually a lemon or “lighter choice” style dessert girl, I usually opt for the biggest stodgiest chocolate dessert ever and then end up regretting it. But after all that delicious food we had I knew I had to go for something a little lighter. This was just perfect! The lemon sponge ring is beautifully made, with a ever so slightly crunchy casing and a wonderfully soft and moist centre. It’s served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, mint and icing sugar. If you’re usually a chocolate lover like me, I urge you to give this lovely little cake a try.

I also had a gorgeous vanilla latte to finish my meal on an additional high!

Ian is a coffee lover, he’s especially partial to an espresso which is exactly what he had. On the PizzaExpress dessert menu you have the option to choose a hot drink and a mini dessert instead of your standard pud. What a great idea! Ian grabbed that espresso and had it alongside a little dish of mascarpone and figs in a cinnamon and white wine spiced syrup. It all went down very well indeed!

Pizza Express Milton Keynes
Pizza Express Milton Keynes
Pizza Express Milton Keynes Review
Pizza Express Milton Keynes Review

And here’s how lovely the restaurant is looking now after its refurb, with that Bletchley Park twist…

Pizza Express Milton Keynes Review
Pizza Express Milton Keynes Review
Pizza Express Milton Keynes Review

If all this yummy food has made you hungry, you can book your table for the newly refurbished PizzaExpress in Midsummer Arcade (in the Centre MK shopping centre) Milton Keynes by popping over to the site here:

*Thank you to PizzaExpress for providing Ian and I with a lovely meal free of charge to review. We had such a lovely time and the staff there are absolutely fantastic!

Chelsea Flower Show Afternoon Tea at Frosts Woburn Sands

Afternoon Tea Frosts Garden Centre

Afternoon Tea Frosts Garden Centre

I’m about to welcome you to quite possibly the most beautiful booking you will make this week. The Chelsea Flower Show Afternoon Tea at Frosts Garden Centre, Woburn Sands. Whether you’re a true green-fingered gardener or simply love all things floral and gorgeous, you will love both the Chelsea and Summer afternoon teas available at Frosts Garden Centre.

The Chelsea afternoon tea is taking place this week! From Monday 22nd until Saturday 27th of May – so if this post ignites your need for something truly stunning this week, don’t delay in booking your place! Obviously, the Chelsea afternoon tea is in celebration of one of the biggest flower shows in the world, so of course Frosts just had to put on this wonderful display of deliciousness!

All the afternoon teas are held in the gorgeous Bay Tree Room, which couldn’t look any more dreamy if it tried. White painted wood, beautiful natural flowers, fine bone china, bunting, there’s even a tree to bring the outside in as you look out upon their lovely garden. It’s no surprise that Frosts have started to take their first wedding bookings for this venue! You can even sit in the garden and have your afternoon tea on Summer days. It’s just all rather wonderful!

Afternoon Tea Frosts Woburn Sands

Afternoon Tea Frosts Woburn Sands

I was invited along to see what all the fuss was about, and naturally I couldn’t turn down a pot of tea and some cake! We were greeted by the fantastic Frosts team, who I must truly applaud for being such friendly and welcoming people. They were all so lovely! They did greet us with glasses of Prosecco, but I promise this did not alter my perception of them. They’re genuinely fab! If Prosecco wasn’t your jam, they had a whole lot of Pimms available and some lovely orange juice too. We were definitely well catered for.

Afternoon Tea Frosts Woburn Sands

Afternoon Tea Frosts Woburn Sands

The team then introduced us to the two brand new afternoon teas available at Frosts, and then things got really exciting – we got to eat them! …and oh my, everything was gorgeous! The afternoon teas have a fantastic mix between classic sandwiches and something a little bit different – such as the scone with a parma ham and fig filling! I pushed the boat out and even ate foods I wouldn’t usually opt for and ended up really enjoying them. I think that’s the really fun aspect of afternoon teas, you get to try things you love already alongside something new.

In particular, a “something new” for me…was edible flowers! I’d heard a lot about these lately on food shows and wasn’t sure what to expect, but they’re not bad at all. They’re seen as a palette cleanser between foods, so why not give one a whirl if you pop by this week? Let me know what you think if you try one! They were so fun, so apt and really brightened up the Chelsea flower show afternoon tea.

Treat wise, I really must stress how bloomin’ amazing the chocolate mousse in the super cute mini flower pot is! It really was to die for. Smooth rich yummy chocolatey-ness topped with a crunchy chocolatey biscuit top. If you’re a chocolate fan, this one’s for you! You’re really spoilt for choice and there’s definitely something for everyone, with chocolate indulgence through to lighter fruit choices. Perfect!

Afternoon Tea Frosts Woburn Sands

Afternoon Tea Frosts Woburn Sands

Afternoon Tea Frosts Woburn Sands

Afternoon Tea Frosts Woburn Sands

Afternoon Tea Frosts Woburn Sands

Afternoon Tea Frosts Woburn Sands

Afternoon Tea Frosts Woburn Sands

Doesn’t it all just look so stunning!? I can’t wait for my next Frosts afternoon tea experience!

If you haven’t already seen it, *click here* to see my post from a couple of years ago of my first ever Frosts Woburn Sands afternoon tea!

If the Chelsea Flower Show afternoon tea tickles your fancy, you better move quickly as it’s running from today (May 22nd) until this Saturday (May 27th) and costs £22.99 per person.

Don’t forget to take a peep at the Summer afternoon tea (as pictured above alongside the Chelsea tea), the Summer afternoon tea is £17.95 per person – and that’s not all! Coming up this year is the Wimbledon afternoon tea (running Monday 3rd July – Friday 7th July and Monday 10th July – Friday 14th July) – expect a cute tennis theme and strawberries and cream galore!

Also, who said afternoon tea was just a thing for the ladies!? Coming up this year is a very “man friendly” afternoon tea for Father’s Day, featuring a mini burger, chicken satay, twice fried hand cooked chips, breads, dipping oils and doughnuts! All accompanied with a glass of beer wine or soft drink.  (The Father’s Day afternoon tea is running on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th June.)

For all the info you need and to get booking your treat, head on over to the Frosts website here: or feel free to give the lovely team a call on 0800 954 9484.

*The team at Frosts Woburn Sands provided me with all these lovely treats for free, but I can assure you that the thoughts of my tastebuds and eyes are most definitely true.

Tropika Coconut Cleansing Oil Review

Tropika Coconut Cleansing Oil ReviewIsn’t it lovely how the sun keeps trying to shine lately? I only hope it continues to do so even more as we step ever closer to Summer! With Summer comes thoughts of fresh sunny days, dreams of tropical holidays, visiting the seaside, snacking on the most delicious fruit and enjoying lovely drinks on those brighter lighter evenings!

New season, new skincare! It’s time for me to change up my skincare with the season and use something lovely. So in stepped this wonderful brand I have only just recently discovered, Tropika! Tropika uses a blend of premium virgin coconut oil, alongside plant-based, aromatherapy extracts. They have 3 different collections available – Tropika Little Spa, Tropika Mums Spa and Tropika Skin.

Tropika Little Spa consists of a lovely herbal cream and massage oils in choice of either Lavender and Rose. All are perfectly gentle for your little one’s skin and the massage oils are a great natural choice for dry skin, nappy rash and cradle cap. The Tropika Mums Spa collection comprises of a massage oil, massage cream (which has the added benefit of helping to ease morning sickness!) and a tummy butter – so if you’re expecting or you’re a new mum, these could be perfect treats for you! Or, if you’re not, I think these would be perfect gifts to give to friends and family who are!

We then move on to the Tropika Skin range, which features this lovely cleansing oil I’m reviewing, alongside a gently blended coconut and tea tree moisturiser – and we all know how great both those ingredients are for our skin!

Now, let’s talk about this fab coconut cleansing oil. It arrived in a beautiful little Tropika bag, wrapped in tissue, tied with ribbon and a personalised tag with a little “A” embellishment. It was gorgeous! The team had placed a handwritten note inside wishing me a happy belated birthday and wrote how they hope I enjoy their product. How lovely of them! Well, I’m pleased to say, yes! Yes I really do love this product!

Tropika Coconut Cleansing Oil Review

I’ve been trying out the Tropika Coconut Cleansing Oil for the past few days and I’ve been really impressed with it. You only have to use the smallest amount of the oil (3-4 drops) with a little water to create a beautiful milky texture and gently massage this into your skin. As soon as you bring the cleanser up towards your face, suddenly you are awakened by the stunning scent of this product. Coconutty, even a little fruity in a way, this cleanser has a wonderful tropical-like scent to whisk you away to a foreign land. It’s *SO* lovely! The scent is not too in your face, it’s a perfectly balanced scent, but oh my! I love it!

I have combination skin, and I found this left my skin feeling fab, clean, smooth, moisturised from the natural oils and of course smelling equally as fab! This cleanser will also gently remove your makeup at the end of the day for you too.

Tropika Coconut Cleansing Oil Review

Now what if I was to tell you that this bottle of amazingness is also vegan, cruelty free and sustainably sourced!? Tick! Tick! Tick! What more could you ask for?

I think the bottle will look lovely on the side in your bathroom too, as the packaging looks great!

So if you’re after a cleanser that works, smells great, is ethical and looks pretty. Look no further than Tropika’s Coconut Cleansing Oil!

You can find out more about the brand over on their website here:

*I received this product free of charge from Tropika, but my thoughts on this fabulous little cruelty free and amazingly scented cleanser are most definitely my own!