The perfect TV night in

Perfect movie night in

I love this time of year. There’s excitement in the air as Christmas moves ever closer, the Christmas TV ads start to air, everywhere is just getting that little tad more festive. Time to wrap up warm and get cosy on the sofa with your loved ones, eat and drink nice things and watch something awesome on the ol’ box. The lovely people at Panasonic asked me how I’d spend the perfect night in infront of the TV, what would I enjoy watching and all those lovely little additions that make it just so great. After major issues with my home over the past few days or so (I shall go on to explain all), this night in was definitely needed!

It was just the other day that me and my parents were talking about the first TV I ever remember us having…a big box style TV with wood effect veneer sides… 4 channels, and then a little later on we were treated to channel 5! It even had a silver metal controller… It’s sure to say we’ve come a long way since then! When Panasonic got in touch I was pretty impressed by their Panasonic Oled TV, the amount of tech this TV has to bring you an awesomely clear and crisp picture is pretty impressive. It was even designed alongside Hollywood filmmakers and has Panasonic’s latest image processor…it’s all very clever! I just love how slim it looks too. Goodbye big box TV, hello cinema nights in at home…it’ll probably work out cheaper considering the price of cinema tickets these days anyways…

So…the main reason why I was at my parents’ house the other night was because I needed a shower. Yeap. The water in my home had been off since just before 8pm on Thursday night last week. It’s been great fun trying to get by using Asda’s basic 2 litre bottled water. Imagine everything you need to use water for each day…yeap. Fun right? So this perfect night in chilling in front of the TV was most definitely needed! Thankfully since our TV night in on Saturday we have been given access to a temporary supply of water, until they fix the broken pump!

Let’s create the perfect TV night in…

What to watch?

Right now, Ian and I are really loving Blue Planet 2. Who isn’t? This show discovers the most beautiful creatures that live alongside us in this world. It really makes you think about our impact on the world too. I’ve always had a keen interest in helping those living things we share Earth with (as everyone should!) and can highly recommend you watch Blackfish the movie too. Let’s just say, since the release of that film SeaWorld’s shares have plummeted beyond belief. An eye opening film for sure. One that everyone should watch.

I’m sooo excited to get watching all those Christmas films very soon too! Ian won’t let me at the moment, he’s bah humbug when it comes to anything Christmassy before December 1st. But once that day comes… it’s all about Elf, Love Actually, Miracle on 34th Street, The Snowman, Home Alone…there’s so many good classics coming up soon!

What to snack?

Perfect night in snacks

Perfect night in snacks

Vegetable crisps and Doritos sour cream & chive dip! I was going to try to make my own, but after having no water it was just easier to buy all our yummy snacks in. I love vegetable crisps, I just love the contrast from crisp to crisp – yum! Crisps and dip, always a winner and a real crowd pleaser if you have friends over too.

Can you have a proper night in without chocolate? I think not. So I picked up some of that fancy new Green & Blacks Velvet Edition chocolate in the salted caramel flavour. Oh wow this is a taste sensation! The new Velvet Edition collection is all about a creamier tasting dark chocolate, so if you’re new to trying dark chocolate it’s worth a shot indeed. I never used to like dark chocolate because of the bitter taste, but this isn’t like that at all. We also enjoyed some yummy jelly snakes by The Natural Confectionery Co!

To kid myself that I’m still healthy, I also picked up a couple of melon pots for us to munch on too, ha! We also love blueberries and yogurt, but with all the water madness I’d bought the blueberries…but not the yogurt. Oops!

What to drink?

Gingerbread latte drink

If you fancy an alcoholic tipple and getting a little festive too, I’d really recommend adding a dash of Cointreau to your hot chocolate. This is definitely one of our favourite indulgent drinks at this time of year. You just can’t beat that chocolate orange combo.

We went for a non-alcoholic option this time. I’d recently picked up some of these Nescafe Gingerbread Latte sachets (you can find them in the pound shops, as I don’t think they’re in the supermarkets anymore!) ..and they are divine! They were the perfect festive drink to enjoy with our treats in front of the TV.

Setting the scene?

WoodWick Candles Review

Candles, lights, blankets…it’s all about that peaceful and cosy hygge vibe on a night in at this time of year.

In the corner of my living room I have a faux tree from IKEA, which is adorned with fairy lights. It’s so lovely having a twinkle of lights in the room. They make it feel so magical.

Big cosy and comfy cushions are a must alongside those blankets and throws. I have some quite big ones which are great to also throw on the floor when you fancy sitting or laying down there instead of the sofa.

A warming candle… I’ve been really enjoying using my WoodWick Jolly Gingerbread candle (you can read all about them on my post *here*). WoodWick candles crackle whilst they burn as they have a wooden wick, they’re great at creating a fireside feel without the need for a fire. Great if you don’t even have a fireplace like me! The scent is absolutely beautiful too.

So there you have it, my way to have the perfect TV night in this autumn/winter. I definitely recommend trying out that Cointreau and hot chocolate combo this Christmas!

This is a sponsored post thanks to Panasonic, so thank you to them for asking me how I’d spend a perfect night in :)

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Winter Skin Care with Flexitol + Competition

Flexitol cream review
It really feels like the temperature has dropped in the last week or so, don’t you think? It’s time to wrap up warm, get excited for the impending festive season but also to look after ourselves too as our skin starts to deal with all that cold weather and hot central heating.

My hands and feet can be dry even at the best of times, a ped egg is my feet’s best friend before jetting off on holiday or parties – as I always want to make sure they look and feel their best. And I’m always applying hand cream, especially around my cuticles and on the side of one of my fingers in particular where I get a strange teeny circle of dry skin!

…but that teeny circle of dry skin that still comes back time after time? Current status: gone! Magic.

I’ve been trying out Flexitol over the past few weeks on my hands and feet, and I must say it’s a real delight to use. Flexitol isn’t about fluffy marketing campaigns and the prettiest pink packaging etc. …they’re all about products that genuinely work. So if you’re serious about caring for your skin this winter and feel your hands and feet could do with a real treat that *actually works*, this is just the ticket!

After a little researching, I’ve learnt that their products contain Urea, which (as they put it) is “a major constituent of the skin’s natural moisturising factor, which improves hydration by increasing the water uptake from dermis” …basically, Urea in products can be used on skin to replicate the hydration process, allowing your skin to soak up all that goodness it needs to flourish – clever right? It can reduce water loss from your skin and actually help it to improve on how much water it can retain. It’s beauty science at its greatest.

I’ve been trying out both the Hand Balm and the Moisturising Foot Cream, the latter can also be used on your legs which is perfect for me because, yeap, you guessed it, I can get very dry legs too…oh the fun! Both the balm and the cream are a lovely white creamy texture that sinks in beautifully and have a lovely subtle scent, not medical at all, just very pleasant.

I’ve been really impressed with how quickly they leave both my hands and feet feeling truly moisturised, normal & healthy! I’m really looking forward to using them over the winter period, especially on those cosy nights in or using the cream overnight on my feet and legs with some fluffy bed socks on.

Flexitol have more products in their collection too to treat your feet, body and hands, so do pop over to their website and you’ll find the perfect product for the problem you’re looking to solve. I really do hope this helps someone, as this balm and cream combo has definitely worked wonders on my skin already.

Now… would you like to win a lovely pair of Flexitol creams? Well here’s your chance to win them, alongside all the other goodies in this cute winter self-care kit!

Flexitol Cream Review

Those lovely people at Flexitol have given me some extra creams to give away to a lucky someone! Yay! So I’ve paired them up with some other self-care essentials, you know, like chocolate.

The winter self-care kit includes…

Flexitol Moisturising Foot Cream

Flexitol Hand Balm (you will get brand new boxed versions of the creams of course!)

Fluffy socks

Nail files

Barry M Speedy nail paint in Sprint Finish

Hotel Chocolat Unwind teaolat sachet

Marks & Spencer Swiss chocolate

How to enter…

Enter on Twitter *here* by just following me and retweeting the pinned competition tweet or over on my Instagram *here* by following the instructions on the competition photo. One overall winner will be chosen at random from both social channels. UK only. Competition closes at midnight on Sunday 19th November.  Good luck! :)

If you’re feeling like your hands and feet could definitely do with a Flexitol treat this winter, you can find out all about them on their website here: and you can easily find them available at Superdrug, Boots, Sainsburys, Ocado…everywhere basically!

This is truly a good find and a product I will definitely buy again to ensure my dry skin problems are kept at bay!

A big thank you to Flexitol for sending me the creams to try out, I have genuinely enjoyed discovering this range :)

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Discover The Brasserie at Milton Keynes College

The Brasserie Milton Keynes College

Firstly, did you even know that you can dine at the Milton Keynes College Bletchley campus? Well you certainly can. You can even hire out the venue for your own events and parties.

I was invited down by the MK College team to dine in their beautifully refurbished brasserie and to enjoy a little taster of what’s on offer this Autumn/Winter.

The Brasserie is looking mighty fine after its refresh. Warm brown comfortable chairs compliment the navy blue bench seats and yellow cushions. And I am totally in love with their use of copper. Stunning contemporary tealight holders, pendant lighting and utensils hanging on the wall…it just looks so cool.

Take a moment to appreciate the wine glass chandelier hanging in the centre of the room, which is over the table Ian and I were lucky enough to dine at. There was even a TV on the wall enabling us to watch our meals being prepared in the kitchens behind!

Milton Keynes College The Brasserie

Milton Keynes College The Brasserie

Milton Keynes College The Brasserie

The Brasserie at Milton Keynes College is not just like any old restaurant, they were awarded the prestigious AA College Rosette: Highly Commended which adds to the rosettes they won in both 2015 and 2016 too.

All meals are prepared by the stars of the future restaurant world, so dining there means you are supporting the next generation – which I think is a pretty important factor of why you should give The Brasserie a whirl.

Now before I even mention what we had to eat, I simply have to tell you that everything we had was simply divine. I mean, that’s it. You needn’t even read on past this line. Just book a table.

But if you’re adamant you need to know what we had and see some pictures of delicious food to taunt you whilst you eat your boring cheese sandwich for lunch, read on…

Milton Keynes College Brasserie MK

Milton Keynes College Brasserie MK

Usually me and Ian both go for a different meal and try a bit of each, but this time we both had eyes for the same thing. For us, the beef rib and tiramisu just had to be ordered!

Before our dinner was served, we were treated to a little pumpkin amuse-bouche which was absolutely divine and I wish I asked for the recipe (not that I cook…). It was beyond tasty.

We were so suitably impressed when the beef rib arrived to our table. It was presented so beautifully. But oh my goodness did this meal taste gorgeous! The meat was perfectly cooked, just fell off the bone and just tasted so amazing. The vegetables were just as amazing, and that garlic mash? Heavenly.

Dessert was definitely not disappointing either. Our Tiramisu came in a deconstructed form, which was really different. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but as I delved into the soft cakey pieces and whipped up little bits of cream and chocolate from the plate, I was in love. What a dessert.

What an entire meal!

Milton Keynes College Brassiere MK

Milton Keynes College Brasserie MK

We were so impressed with every part of the meal. The food, drink, service, atmosphere, room, it was all so wonderful. They really are worth the visit and I’d 100% go back to support them and dine in their beautiful brasserie every day if I could!

If you fancy stopping by and treating yourself to a dinner (or brunch, breakfast…) at the Milton Keynes College Brasserie, you can find out all about them on their website here:

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F1 Pit Stop Challenge with LV=

F1 Pit Stop Challenge

As some of you may know, besides the typical girlie things I love…beauty, fashion, homewares etc. I also love cars! I’ve grown up watching Formula 1 since I was little and have always had a keen interest in cars from a young age, all thanks to my car loving dad. Apparently, even as a toddler I’d go along in the pushchair pointing out car badges and saying their brand names.

Last year I was lucky enough to go to the British F1 grand prix at Silverstone for the first time, thanks to Ian buying me a ticket for Christmas (thank you!). I’ve also been to various other days across the years with family and friends, such as the touring cars (BTCC) which was brilliant. I even took my own car onto the GT86 Drivers Club stand at Japfest Silverstone earlier this year. Here I am driving into the event on the day trying to look really cool haha…it was so much fun!

GT86 Dark Grey Metallic

Now I don’t stand there and say oh yes, I know everything about cars. I really don’t. When it comes to maintenance it’s always been a case of “dad can you help me…” – but after watching him work on my cars and his across the years I have definitely picked up a thing or two.

I really do think that car maintenance and safety is so important and not talked about enough. At the end of the day, we need to realise that having a decent, well-running, safe, secure, insured car is paramount over so many other meaningless things that we splash our money on.

Your car is effectively catapulting you across the country at 70mph – it’s time we made sure we do it safely. Whether that’s doing the checks we should do before long drives, ensuring our tyre tread depth is healthy and that the tyres are pumped up to the specified levels or making sure we don’t do silly things like buying second hand tyres. I mean, just don’t.

LV= (car insurance) have published a really interesting report on car maintenance which you can read *here*, which highlights how few of us prepare properly for our MOTs and also provides us with some super helpful hints and tips on how to be better prepared.

Our F1 pit stop challenge was so much fun and oh my did our competitive sides come out! What seemed like a bit of a laugh turned into a real competition, especially between my team “The Wheel Nuts” and the team from Autotrader.

The car itself and the wheels we used for the challenge were all genuine Mercedes ones used in the 2015 race. It had a proper engine… a Mercedes detailed front wing… how bloomin’ cool!

Female Car Blogger

In teams of 3, we battled against each other to see which team could be the quickest at using the gun to undo the wheel, take the wheel off, put the new wheel on and then use the gun again to secure everything. Now, I’m pretty damn proud that our team managed to get this down to an awesome 3.65 seconds – and I must say, we did do a few changeovers around that mark. No fluke in sight you see, we’re real professionals in the making, ha!

However, team Autotrader pipped us just ever so slightly with 3.10 seconds! Fair play to them, they did a great job and it was so fun competing against them and talking lots of fighting talk haha.

Formula 1 Pit Stop Challenge

Everyone was really up for a good giggle that evening and both us and the Autotrader team went away with some absolutely amazing prizes, so I have to say a big thank you to Talented Talkers and LV= for inviting everyone down to Shoreditch for a night we won’t forget I’m sure.

Grab a nice hot drink and have a little read of LV=’s findings on this link and get your car prepped and safe for the icy winter months ahead.

A big thank you to Kaye Ford as well for the fab photos and videos she provided everyone from the evening. Do go and check this very talented lady out over on her website

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Come shopping with me Feat. Loaf & Bloom at Debenhams

Loaf and Bloom Debenhams Milton Keynes

A couple of weekends ago I spent the morning gazing at beautiful Christmas goodies in the shops (exciting!), buying a heap of bargain scarves from the sale in H&M and then meeting up with my parents for a really scrummy lunch at the brand new Loaf & Bloom deli restaurant at Debenhams (found in the intu shopping centre in Milton Keynes). It was lovely!

I’ve been getting so excited for Christmas recently (much to Ian’s dismay). I’m trying to get super organised this year, I’ve already bought lots of presents and have been planning the rest as much as possible. I want to enjoy December just pottering around doing the last few bits and really having time to enjoy the festivities instead of worrying about presents. I recently popped down to the Halloween and Christmas blogger event at Lush, they have some super lovely new products this year. If you fancy reading about the event and my favourites, you can find it *here*.

It was so lovely to have a morning to properly look around the shops and take in all the Christmassy sights and grab a few essentials I was in need of, I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve been able to do just that. I was so pleased when I stumbled across the sale in H&M and found a load of beautiful scarves at the most ridiculous prices! I picked up 4 as they were all just £2 or £3 each, how could I resist these beautiful grey toned scarves at that price? They just had to come home with me and I picked up an extra one to gift to my mum for Christmas too.

Loaf and Bloom Debenhams Milton Keynes

It was so lovely to see all the Christmas gifts in Debenhams now too. They really do have some lovely bits and certainly have something for everyone this year. Bayliss & Harding is always a crowd pleaser, I’m sure everyone just loves this brand. It’s beautiful, really affordable and they smell gorgeous every time. (I was bought their pink Prosecco candles last year, I definitely recommend that scent).

Debenhams Christmas Gifts

Debenhams Christmas Gifts

Debenhams Christmas Gifts

Debenhams Christmas Gifts

Debenhams Christmas Gifts

Debenhams Christmas Gifts

I also took a liking to these drink sets. They’re so pretty and such a fab gift for a lovely lady in your life, or a treat to self right? The bareMinerals beauty gift sets always look stunning in there too, I’d be happy to find one of those under the tree this year.

I was also very excited to see all their Christmas decorations too – I just wish I had more space to fill at home!

Loaf Bloom Debenhams Milton Keynes

By this time my ever growing wish list of festive goodies was making me very hungry indeed. So it was time to go and meet my parents for a spot of lunch.

I was invited to go and check out the lovely new deli kitchen at Debenhams (in the intu centre Milton Keynes) and oh wow has this place changed. It’s time to say goodbye to the drab 90s style department store café and say hello to a fresh and beautiful new place to dine.

The restaurant has been completely transformed into a place you’d be proud to say you’re lunching at.

Loaf and Bloom Debenhams Milton Keynes

Loaf and Bloom Debenhams Milton Keynes

Loaf and Bloom Debenhams Milton Keynes

Loaf and Bloom Debenhams Milton Keynes

Loaf & Bloom have such a wide variety of food to choose from, whether you want to treat yourselves to an afternoon tea, a meat platter or a lovely lunch or snack. Everything is freshly cooked and baked, and they have options for gluten free and other intolerances too.

My parents and I went all out and had a lovely lunch followed by an afternoon tea, yum!

For lunch, I chose the salmon and broccoli fishcakes and drank a mocha…probably not a combination that goes together to be honest, but I enjoyed it all nevertheless. My fishcakes also came with a choice of salad, so I opted for a bean-based bowl of goodness…and also ordered a side of chips, naturally.

Dad being the typical man, went for the meatballs (in a tomato and basil sauce), a side of chips and also had a fruity beany salad. Mum opted for the cherry tomato, butternut squash and spinach tart, which looked amazing.

Drink wise, my dad had a cappuccino and my mum had a latte …all three of us completely agreed that the drinks alone were beautifully crafted and tasted SO good!

The seasoned potato chips were really different too, unusual in shape and so tasty…I’d happily go back just for those.

Loaf and Bloom Debenhams Milton Keynes

Loaf and Bloom Debenhams Milton Keynes

Loaf and Bloom Debenhams Milton Keynes

Loaf and Bloom Debenhams Milton Keynes

Loaf and Bloom Debenhams Milton Keynes

Loaf and Bloom Debenhams Milton Keynes

Between us we shared the “sweet” afternoon tea, however they do also have an option of a savoury and sweet one which has a Mediterranean platter alongside some yummy bakes and cakes. I think I’ll have to head back sometime to try that one too…

Our sweet afternoon tea was delivered on another beautiful plate – the crockery used throughout the meal was so gorgeous. Scones, clotted cream (I’d be happy with just a bowl of that), jam, chocolate brownies and other delectable bakes were put in front of us and they were all so lovely and freshly baked.

Loaf and Bloom Debenhams Milton Keynes

I definitely can’t wait to head back in again soon and enjoy another bite to eat. More Christmas shopping and festive eating here I come!

If you fancy finding out more about the Loaf & Bloom restaurant and popping by on your next shopping trip, here’s the website link to tell you all about it

*Loaf & Bloom for provided us with this lovely lunch for free, but all the views on the yummy food are most definitely mine (& my parents!) – we enjoyed every little bite!

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AW17 Fashion Show MK by GEM MEDIA Events

Fashion Show Milton Keynes

Fashion, music, beauty and a little cheeky glass of Prosecco! That exactly describes how I spent my Saturday evening, as I popped along to enjoy GEM MEDIA Events’ Fashion Show MK for Autumn/Winter 2017.

Once again, it was held at their lovely new venue of Chicheley Hall, which is set on stunning grounds just on the outskirts of Milton Keynes. We were treated to beautiful fashions and equally beautiful people. Fashion Show MK is just always a really fun night out!

(If you fancy…you can also read about the SS17 Fashion Show MK event *here*)

Talking of beautiful people, Fashion Show MK had none other than Olivia Buckland from Love Island on the catwalk…how awesome! She looked as great as always.

Fashion Show Milton Keynes

Fashion Show Milton Keynes

For the last few shows Fashion Show MK has incorporated some cool urbanwear brands for the guys. Hoodies, tracksuit bottoms and some really unique leather jackets were on display…proving that fashion is not just for the girls.

Fashion Show Milton Keynes

During the intervals everyone was invited to head to a backstage area to discover the brands a little further at their stands, alongside some fabulous Delilah beauty products which were used on the models for the show. The products looked so gorgeous and from a little online search it appears they are likely to be cruelty free too, which is great in case (like me) you prefer to buy cruelty free…so they may be worth a little peek at.

There really was a little something for everyone, even right through to a few little latex numbers which were on display in the last show of the evening!

Fashion Show Milton Keynes

Fashion Show Milton Keynes

Fashion Show Milton Keynes

Fashion Show MK

Fashion Show MK

It was also lovely to see the brand new collection by the lovely Scarlett from Scarlett London. The dresses were simply gorgeous and so wearable, I really think you’ll love her range. So keep your eyes peeled for that one.

Thank you GEM MEDIA Events for putting on another great Fashion Show MK event…and for the glass of Prosecco of course.

If you fancy heading down to the next GEM MEDIA Events fashion show in Milton Keynes, you can keep up-to-date with everything they do on their website here

Hitting reset with the help of teapigs

Teapigs Review

If you follow my ramblings on Instagram (you can follow me *here* …shameless plug, haha!), you’ll know that this year has been a bit of a rollercoaster at times for this gal.

My immune system has been pretty much at an all time low this year I think. I’ve definitely had my fair share of lingering colds and coughs over and over again this past year. Couple that up with my two recent visits to the hospital for not-so-fun procedures …and then generally every plan having a big spanner somewhere, other ridiculously rubbish things going on for both me and Ian. Oh… and both of us getting new jobs too! It. Has. Been. Manic.

Now, if like me, you fancy hitting reset right now, you’re ready to take on the rest of what 2017 has got to throw at you, you’re ready to up that immune system, to battle those winter bugs and be the best version of you. Here’s a lovely little helping hand…

Those fab people at teapigs have crafted the perfect collection of feel-good teas to keep you going and completely girl bossing every day. It’s time to put aside that energy drink, sugary coffee or that chocolate bar that’ll only make you crash shortly after your sugar high…and enjoy feeling pepped the natural way! Over time, I’m sure your body will thank you that you’re actually filling it up with lots of good stuff by keeping you healthy and feeling tip top.

Please give a warm welcome to the teapigs feel-good teas…

Tea Pigs Feel-Good Teas Review

Teapigs feel-good teas review

First up, it’s time to rise and shine and get the show on the road. This is where the “clean n green” tea comes in. It’s your morning tea to help you detox and say “hello world! I’m ready for ya!”  This is a beautiful blend of green tea (and we all know how good that stuff is!), lemongrass, ginger, coconut and cleansing dandelion leaves which is packed full of antioxidants. I never knew you could get dandelion leaves in a tea! Did you!?

Take note that this tea has ginger, the magic ingredient when it comes to fighting off those winter bugs! I definitely want to up my ginger intake this winter as ginger kills off rhinoviruses, which kick start those nasty colds we get this time of year. So the teapigs detox morning tea is the perfect way to start the day with lots of goodness!

It’s smooth, not bitter, just so easy to drink. The flavour is pretty lovely and it’s much better than I expected from a “green tea” – I think you’ll be genuinely really impressed with the taste of this tea!

Teapigs Feel-good teas review

Okay, so you’ve been feeling great so far and that little green bag of goodness has started you off on the right foot. Your to do list is looking pretty awesome, but you’re starting to crave a little summin’ summin’ around 3pm. This is usually THE time to grab that sugary snack or coffee that probably isn’t so great for you – it’s time to treat your body as a temple!

It’s “up beet” time! In comes your perfect afternoon tea to give you energy and absolutely nail the afternoon ahead, no matter what is thrown at you!

Teapigs feel-good teas review

teapigs’ up beet energy tea is the perfect warming cup of revitalisation that your body will definitely thank you for! This energy boosting tea features hibiscus, ginger (again, goodbye winter bugs! You’ve got no chance this year!), green tea and beetroot – yet another intriguing ingredient, but it just works and turns the tea into a beautiful purple-like colour.

Yet again packed with amazing health-boosting ingredients and it just tastes like a warm almost berry-like drink and I’m guessing that’s because of the beetroot in it – so if you’re a little put off by that being an ingredient, you really needn’t be! This is probably my favourite out of all the teas, which is great considering it’s your afternoon pick-me-up tea – you’ll totally look forward to having it at the 3pm slump. The flavour lends itself to this time of year with all the berry-like scents and flavours around us to enjoy, I think it would be a lovely evening time after work type of tea too!

Now, taking time to relax your body and mind is just as important as fuelling it for a busy day…

One thing I really want to *try* and do more often is to get to bed earlier, just one hour earlier I’m sure will make a huge difference to my body. I’m usually a bed at midnight… but probably still scroll through pointless social media posts for a further 10 mins at least kinda girl – and I know that’s not a great thing.

One thing I can definitely do though, is to enjoy a lovely cup of teapigs snooze feel-good tea

Teapigs feel-good teas review

This pretty little teabag is the perfect tea to help you sleep and has a calming blend of chamomile, apple and lavender… Even just reading those ingredients sounds soothing! Calming, yet beautiful to the taste. It’s a great way to signify the end of the evening, a time to wind down and look after yourself once again with a few chilled out moments before hopefully getting a decent long sleep.

This tastes pretty much exactly how I expected, it’s so lovely that the apple is included to cut through the chamomile and lavender flavours making it a very pleasant and relaxing tea if you’re feeling in need of some serious chill out moments.

So if you’re feeling that life has got a little hectic, you feel a little out of control, tired, worn down, ya get the drill …I think this 3 step daily tea process is such an easy way to feel good, put some great ingredients in your body and feel a little more on top of life and your body once again! It couldn’t get any easier! I’ve been really enjoying each and every tea and the feeling of knowing I’m putting some great stuff in my body too.

If you’re intrigued and fancy giving the teas a whirl this Autumn/Winter, here’s all the helpful links you need…

*Click here* to discover the entire teapigs feel-good tea collection, including an awesome hangover gift set (might be good for a new uni student you know!) and a wellness gift set (which might be perfect for someone feeling a little under the weather). What great gift sets! I think they’d make fab Christmas pressies too.

*Click here* to learn all about the clean n green teapigs tea – including reviews, further details and serving suggestions too!

*Click here* for the up beet tea and click here for the snooze tea! You’ll find all the extra details on those links too, including nutritional and allergen info.

…do let me know if you try out the teas! Or have you already tried them before?

I’m drinking an up beet tea as I write this and it’s super yummy! :)

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