The power of decluttering…

The power of decluttering

Taken at the Amalfi coast. Looking out to sea always helps to refresh my mind…

Now and again I have a good day of decluttering, and I love it! Whether it’s beauty products I’m not using, clothes that no longer fit, general paperwork lying around or the millions of handbags I seem to hoard but never use. Whilst it can seem daunting to even get started, once you’re going it can feel so therapeutic!

Here’s my top 5 decluttering tips…


1) Have a mantra to keep motivated – I like this one from William Morris “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”


2) Start with one small section of your room or house e.g. one drawer – this will stop it feeling like one big overwhelming task.


3) If you’re serious about making space, ask yourself… “Do I really need to keep this item?” “Am I saving it ‘just in case it becomes of use’, even though deep down I know I’ll probably never use it again?” Be a little bit ruthless! However, do be careful not to throw away something you may regret!


4) Get organised. Whilst decluttering, I find it useful to set aside different boxes – rubbish, recycling, things to sell, items to donate to charity, etc.


5) Remember that decluttering doesn’t just have to be physical items – it can be the simple task of deleting a bunch of old emails or reorganising your inbox, changing something in your personal life that no longer makes you happy, or maybe even getting rid of a few people on your friends list!



Never underestimate the power of a good decluttering session. I truly believe it leaves you with a clearer, happier and more refreshed mind – making you feel in control and ready for what life throws at you next!

Now I’m off to see what I can get rid of…

Have I inspired you to get decluttering? What will you start with first?

Amanda 🙂

P.S. Please be careful, decluttering can become addictive. Always declutter in moderation.

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