I’ve moved!

One to useI’m very pleased to announce that I’ve bought my first home – eek! Hence the reason my blog has been deserted this year. As you can imagine, moving into your first home and being away from the comfort of the parents for the first time is a pretty big step. So I’ve needed a little time to adjust, organise, buy things, learn how to survive (e.g. cook!) …etc. etc.

I bought my place back in March and moved in a little while after that. It’s amazing how many things you have to sort out once you’ve moved – but I’m getting there! Bit by bit things are falling into place.

I’ll be sure to share a few snippets of my “house buying” journey on here, from tips for buying your first home to all the lovely bits I’ll fill it up with.

Do comment below if there’s anything you’d like to know!

I’ll be continuing to post more frequently on my blog from now on too. Huge life change – tick! Now it’s time to enjoy the fun times that follow…

Amanda :)

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