Feeling Poorly & Mini Pamper Day

What I UsedAs I write this, today is the first day of a two week break I’m having from work, woohoo! Boy do I need this break, I’ve been feeling so exhausted lately. Last night I spent a great evening with my friends but all my exhaustion caught up with me and along came a lovely cold whilst we were sitting there watching Dumbo (we’re on a mission to watch all the Disney films from the earliest to the most recent you see!) – so I’m feeling a little sorry for myself this morning. *Fingers crossed it’s just a 24 hour thing*

Anyways…instead of just moping about feeling sorry for myself all day, I thought I’d take the time to have a mini pamper from top to toe to make me feel great. So as I go along I’ll note down some of the products I’m using today…

Midday – First stop, a pamper for my insides. I’ve made myself a lovely cool banana, blueberry and (skimmed) milk smoothie.

12:20pm – I start to run myself a lovely bath, now, this takes effort in my place at the moment as I’m having trouble with hot water (oh the joys of waiting to sort out the snagging list in a new property! – this is basically where you tell them all the bits that need fixing and you wait a lifetime for them to sort it out) …so several kettles boiled later I have a nice warm bath.

12:30pm – Whilst in the bath I use the Superdrug Vitamin E Body Scrub – I think this product has been discontinued now, which is a shame as I really quite like it. It’s a really good scrub that genuinely feels like it’s doing something whilst leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturised. They appear to have replaced it with a Vitamin E Sugar and Oil Body Scrub which I bought the other week, so I’ll be sure to review that shortly! I also used M&S’s Natural Extract coconut body wash, again it looks like they’ve refreshed their range too! So I look forward to trying it out… Finally, I used the Pantene smooth & sleek hair masque for a couple of minutes to give my hair a well-needed nourish.

1pm – I’m taking a moment to relax now and catch up with a few emails and “life admin” bits…

7pm – Several hours later after a bit of snoozing, browsing online, watching YouTube videos, taking cold tablets and eating a comforting pepperoni pizza for one, I’m ready for the next stage of pampering! For a bit of moisturisation I use the Superdrug Vitamin E 360 spray on body lotion – this is my first time using this product, so I thought it would be something worth reviewing. However, after a little bit of investigation, this product has also been discontinued!

8pm – I’ve decided that whilst being ill it would be quite nice to visit my mum and dad, you can’t beat the comfort of home when you’re not well can you?! So I packed a bag and off I went…

9pm – It’s been lovely sitting with my parents, drinking a Stella Cidre and watching a couple of X-factor auditions, you know, the token ones that you always get – the bad singers that think they could win, the lady who just goes crazy on stage but everyone still loves and those who can genuinely sing… Anyways, the pampering continues! I’m about to paint my nails with Orly’s Monroe’s Red, I’m really impressed with this nail polish, it flows perfectly onto the nail and has a lovely slight pinky tone to the red. I’ve had it on my toes since last Saturday and it’s lasted really well.

10pm – Nails polished, body pampered, it’s time to enjoy the rest of the evening with my parents. I may even treat myself to a Pukka Detox tea… On a side note – it’s amazing how something as simple as a brightly coloured nail polish can lift your mood isn’t it?

Well…I feel like I’ve rambled all day on here, but writing everything down has kept me focused instead of just curling up on the sofa feeling sorry for myself. I feel like I’ve actually been productive today! What do you do to perk yourself up when you feel a bit pants? I’d love to know!

Amanda 🙂

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