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A pretty Christmassy arcade in Stony Stratford…


Wow, what a busy past month! So busy I haven’t had a chance to blog about anything… any moment I had spare was often spent sleeping or at least unable to move from the sofa – it’s been hectic!

Anyways, I’m taking a moment to reflect this evening on everything that’s happened. Aside from my busy full time job, I’ve been going through the remortgaging process to buy the final part of my home so that I can own 100% of it. Considering I only bought the property back in March I didn’t really want to have to remortgage, but my current provider let me down and this new one could lend me a hefty chunk more. Let’s just say they weren’t actually “by my side” when I needed them…but another company “Has Some Better Calculations” – you may guess who I’m moving from and too with those little clues…

So yes, my days have been filled with busy work, paperwork, other responsibilities and so on. Plus, since we’ve hit December the first 3 days were filled with work-related Christmas parties! It’s a tough job but…

Today I took another day to have some festive fun, so I headed over to Olney (Bucks) to visit the Dickens of a Christmas event. It was absolutely heaving with people, but was a fantastic day as always! The town completely shuts down for the day and is filled with stalls of local produce, crafts, charities, games and so much more. I treated myself to a super yummy pork and apple sauce sandwich, a really awful hot chocolate from a stand which was pretty much hot water with a hint of cocoa flavouring, a slice chocolate yule log from a local café and something I’ve never tried before – cockles!! Which are amazing btw… It was lovely to take another day out of my diary just to have a little fun and let my hair down a bit.

So this post is just a little ramble to update this little blog with where I’m at. Hopefully now that the paperwork has died down a little bit and other bits are falling into place more I’ll be able to dabble in a few more posts shortly :) …especially Christmas related ones! Yay! Christmas is here and I couldn’t be happier. I absolutely love Christmas and cannot wait for more festive fun!

I’m going to end this post here as I feel I have rambled on for ages, but I hope anyone reading this has had a fabulous December so far – and here’s to lots of festivities!! :)

Amanda :)

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