Hello 2016

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January has been all about wintery walks and really healthy treats…


This evening I’m saying a proper hello to 2016 and hello to blogging once again.

In my last post I mentioned that I was going through the remortgaging process to move from owning 75% of my property to 100%. I’m very pleased to say that today everything went through and I received confirmation that I now own (with part of it being a mortgage of course! Unfortunately I’m not that minted!) …100% of my property! Yay! It just goes to show that a little bit of hard work and saving money really does work. (I’ll share my money saving tips soon..!)

So now that all that horrible stressful paperwork is out of the way, I feel that I can now say a proper hello to 2016 and enjoy a little bit of blogging again too!

2016 for me will be full to the brim of…making my place feel more homely, getting back on the weight loss track, saving money where I can, enjoying holidays, new adventures, dabbling in fashion and beauty more often, getting more organised and so much more!

So let’s get going and enjoying 2016!

Amanda 🙂

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