Affordable Furniture: £14 IKEA Lack Coffee Table

“Don’t buy any cheap tat and ruin the look of your home!” my Dad exclaimed when I talked about buying cheaper pieces of furniture for my new home. I don’t blame him! Sometimes you genuinely have to pay out for quality that will last etc. etc. So with that in mind I treated myself to the (more expensive but still affordable) Hooper Coffee Table in Walnut. A coffee table that I’d had my eye on for a while and just had to snap up when it landed in a flash sale a few weeks ago. So I was super disappointed when I opened the box to find one end of the table poorly finished. Whoever had done the wood staining must have swished their cloth across the end, as they left an obvious swoosh mark. So back to the table went, not wanting the fuss of exchanging it for another, so as I type I’m waiting to receive my £130+ back.

There I was, left coffee table-less, so what was I to do? Head to IKEA of course! So I took a trip to IKEA and spent a whole £14 on their Lack coffee table in white. What a buy! Granted, the table might not end up being as hard wearing as the other one I originally purchased, and yes, it might not look as super stylish – but I don’t think it’s doing a bad job at all!


IKEA Lack Coffee Table in White


The table feels rather sturdy and more hardwearing than I thought. It has a separate shelf underneath the top of the table, which is perfect for magazines or books.

I thought the white table may be a little too stark white for my living room which has shades of dark purple, black, silver, alongside warm cream coloured carpets. However, with my walls still being white since the building was built and with a few accessories adorning the table…it actually looks pretty good! Well done IKEA!


The sunlight was beating through this morning – so gorgeous!



Coffee table books are a must! (…yes I like cake!)


Have you got any IKEA furniture recommendations? I’d love to receive some inspiration for the rest of my home, so please feel free to leave links below to your own IKEA posts.

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