Healthy Lunch Idea: Sardines and Avocado on Toast

This morning I rolled out of bed, grabbed a bowl of bran flakes and suddenly felt the urge to take a trip to Waitrose to buy a whole heap of healthy foods – so that’s exactly what I did!

The last few months have been super busy, from buying my first home through to buying a new car which I pick up on Monday! Exciting! All the busy times resulted in my fitness and health being pushed a little too much to the side, so enough’s enough. I picked up a variety of foods from quinoa and courgettes, to blueberries and bananas, ready to make up some yummy and delicious meals.

Today I thought I’d share with you what I made myself for lunch – Sardines and Avocado on wholemeal toast. Super simple, affordable and healthy. (And something I’d never tried before!)

Sardines 2.JPG


Sardines in brine (Sainsburys) – £0.40

Avocado (Waitrose) – £1.29

Wholemeal bread per medium sliced loaf (Sainsburys) – £0.45



Whilst toasting your bread, cut open the avocado and remove the stone.

Once the toast is ready, use the avocado as a spread on the toast. (It’s nice to keep a little bit of the avocado texture, so make sure you don’t spread the avocado too hard.)

Avocado spreaded, it’s time for the sardines. Open the tin just at the corner and allow the brine to drain away. Open the tin fully and get mashing! I like to keep the fish a little chunky in texture in places – so mash it up to your own preference.

Pop the sardines on the toast and bob’s your uncle! A lovely, healthy and affordable lunch!

(Note: In standard sardine tins you will find some bones – I usually pick out the bits I can immediately see and then not worry about the rest. They’re quite soft and crunchy/easy to eat – but something to be aware of if you’re not a bone fan! Boneless sardine tins are also available.)

Why not mix things up with different types of bread? Or maybe try sardines in tomato sauce instead?

Amanda 🙂

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