February 2016: What I’ve been loving

Today I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been loving throughout February so far. It’s been another busy month for me, filled with busy work times, car buying times and so many other times too!

So here’s my random collection of “February Loves”…

heart cup


I actually originate from a little town called Olney (Bucks), which is where the pancake race is thought to have originated from. Apparently a lady was late for church one Sunday and ended up running down there with her frying pan and pancake still cooking away! So naturally I can’t ever miss out on pancake day fun. I visited my parents (who still live there) for an evening filled with yummy pancakes – nutella, lemon and sugar being my preferred flavours. Since then I’ve had pancakes for two weekends running! Yum!


Paella & fishy food

Another foodie favourite of the month is fishy foods and paella! Me and my lovely boyfriend have been cooking up some lush seafood dishes this month, filled with mussels, squid and prawns – including a yummy fishy paella that we cooked for dinner last night. I’d recommend trying out the Waitrose Essentials Seafood Selection, which can be found in their freezer isle. Waitrose is simply amazing for foodies!

car 1

Car fun!

One major purchase this month has been my car, a Toyota GT86. After 10 years of having my beloved Renault Clio (I miss you little one!), I decided it was time to get something a little sporty. So here it is, my new piece of fun which I’m absolutely loving! Hard work and saving lots of pennies really works. I’ll be sure to share some more money saving tips soon too!


Porridge pots

From cars to food once again – porridge pots! I’ve been loving these for a quick breakfast at work or a snack whilst at home. They’re super quick to prepare, they’re filling and keep you going for hours, plus there’s some rather awesome flavours out there too – Mornflake Nutella ones being my absolute fave! These will definitely be a staple in my food cupboard for a while…

flowers 4

Fresh Flowers

I was very lucky to have been treated to a beautiful bunch of flowers for Valentine’s, which has made me realise how nice it is to have flowers in the home. They bring a home to life and add a much needed splash of colour. I think I’ll have to treat myself to some fresh flowers from now on!

dessert 1

Valentine’s meal

Staying on the Valentine’s theme I just wanted to give a shout out to the Black Horse in Great Linford, Milton Keynes, which is where we went for our meal. It was absolutely delicious! We had the mussels to start, a very fancy chateaubriand main and an indulgent dessert sharer (pictured – amazing huh?!). We could not fault it! Every time we’ve eaten there we’ve never disappointed, so if you’re ever in the area – do check them out!


So there’s my little random collection of things I’ve been loving this month, a lot of them being food themed! I’d love to hear what you’ve been loving!

Amanda 🙂

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