10 Ways to be Happy Today

We all have them, those days where nothing seems to go right…

7am: Toast falls on the floor. 8am: Miss the bus. 9:15am: Late for work because you missed the bus. 11am: You spill your cuppa all over your desk………life happens!

So whether you’re having one of those days, or something bigger has got you feeling down, grab a cup of something lovely (a cup of tea always seems to restore calm for me!) and read through my 10 ways to be happy today!

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Happy Flowers

Cheesey Grin


Happy Pamper Time

Do what you love

Listen to your favourite upbeat music – If anything is magic in this world, then maybe it’s music. The right music (well for me anyways) can lift my mood by about 683569 levels approximately, thus making me very happy. If you’re home alone too, dance like no one’s watching, because, well, they’re not.

Take a dip – There’s something so comforting about a “probably a little bit too hot, but you’re dealing with it anyways” kinda bath. Especially when you have your favourite products by your side and a Lush bath bomb for good measure.

This leads me on to…having a damn good pamper! If you’re feeling a bit rubbish, one of the best things you can do is to take care of number one. I’m talking a really good pamper session, one where no corners are cut – because you’re worth it! Light your favourite candle, put on that magic music and get to work!

Paint your nails a bright colour – or wear a bright colour! Just surround yourself with all the bright colours you can, damn it! I think colours can have a great effect on your mood. So inject some happy colour into your life.

Buy flowers – Recently my rather lovely boyfriend has treated me to flowers so much (I don’t expect it to carry on forever, but it’s nice whilst it lasts! Haha!) …and it’s so nice to be surrounded by beautiful flowers! They inject life into your home and make you smile, what’s not to love? So go and treat yourself to a lovely bunch today 🙂

Phone a friend or family member – Do you know someone who will always cheer you up when you’re feeling sad? Call them! Or even better, arrange to go and say hello!

Sunshine – As I write this the sun is beaming through my window and I’m waiting for the bf to arrive so we can go out and make the most of it! The sun never fails to make me happy, so if it’s the same for you, go out and enjoy any moment in the sun that you can. Obvs don’t forget your sun cream, but your body will love all that vitamin D!

Watch your favourite film – If the sun ain’t shining, stay in and watch something that’s guaranteed to make you laugh. Whether that’s a film, comedy show or hours of cat videos on YouTube, you’ll be chuckling in no time!

Exercise endorphins – Love it or hate it, exercise makes us happy! It releases those happy “woo! I’ve done it!” kinda endorphins and has the added bonus of making us healthier, so why not give it a shot? (This is also a note to myself to try this one more often!!)

A constructive project – Is there something you’ve been wanting to do? Whether that’s something to develop yourself  as a person or something that’s been on your “to do” list to make your world a better place? Then get started! You’ll feel a great sense of satisfaction once you’ve taken the next step or even completed your project. There’s no time like the present, so go go go and be happy! 🙂

Got any other happy ideas?! Let me know!

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Amanda 🙂


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