An Awesome Bank Holiday Meal

Earlier today I kinda went a little crazy in M&S and bought about a year’s worth of food before realising I’d somehow need to carry it to my car without a trolley…who needs a gym hey?! Ouch!!

With all this delicious food in the fridge I thought we (me and my lovely boyfriend who basically cooked everything!! ha!) might as well cook up “an awesome bank holiday meal” – so that’s exactly what we did.

Food Blogger UK

Food Blogger UK

First we mixed up some spinach with a little bit of salt and the amazing Ketjap Manis Soy Sauce from Marks & Spencer – which is hands down the best soy sauce I have ever tasted! If you buy this your life will be instantly better. I promise. Into this we popped some yummy little chunks of feta cheese and some chopped cooked mushrooms – yum!!

For the main part of the meal we cooked up these pork minute steaks (again from M&S and super quick to fry up) and rubbed a random concoction of seasoning that we had stashed away left over from a previous meal. No idea what was in it but it tasted lush!

Can you believe I had never tried halloumi until today?! So I we baked a little bit of that in the oven…….I subsequently ate it and wondered what rock I had been living under to have been missing out on eating this delicious stuff!

Tofu is another food I have never tried (yeah I know!! I’ve been living under a pretty big rock!) and was hoping to pop it into this meal too, but after reading that it’s best to dry it off for around 1-2 hours before cooking……I was *way* too hungry to wait for that!! So the tofu will have to wait…

Dining Table

Doesn’t my dining table look pretty?! Until about a month ago I didn’t even have one, but I’m loving this Chicago Dining Set from Argos – it’s a bargain at just £179.99. Seat pads are also from Argos and the placemats were bought in the Debenhams sale earlier today! Super pretty!

Food Blogger UK

Food Blogger UK

So there you have it! Doesn’t it look lush?! Pork minute steaks fried with seasoning, spinach accompanied with salt, that damn amazing Ketjap Soy Sauce from M&S, feta and mushrooms, alongside some baked halloumi. Yum diddly yum!!

Thorntons Chocolates

We finished off the evening with some cheeky Thorntons chocolates (thank you to my lovely friend who bought them for me for my upcoming birthday! Yes I was naughty and opened them up early! haha!) …what a delectable bank holiday evening!

I’d love to know what you’ve been cooking! 🙂



  1. May 3, 2016 / 8:39 am

    I love anything with polka dots and those placemats look so lovely. Great healthy recipe. Have an awesome week ahead dear.

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