3 Little Holiday Toiletries Packing Tips

Today I wanted to share with you just 3 quick little tips I use when packing toiletries for a holiday. These will help you to reduce your weight and bulk (remember: every little helps!) and leave you with more space for new holiday buys!

Holiday Toiletries Packing Tips

Sachets…sachets of everything!

Sometimes you find them in magazines and sometimes you can even buy them. I find sachets of products really useful, as you can fit them in different little slots in your toiletries bag around the bigger bottled items etc. Plus, once they’re used up on your holiday you just throw the little sachet packaging away and there’s no bulky bottle to bring home. (Top tip: bring scissors to open them easily!)

Holiday Toiletries Packing Tips

Sample perfume = scents galore!

They’re sometimes available from beauty kiosks, you can apply to receive them online and I’m sure they’re found in other places too! These are super useful, so I stash them away for holidays whenever I get one. Not only are they the fraction of the size of a standard perfume bottle, it means you can bring a selection of fragrance with you on your trip. Again, once used up you can just throw the little bottle away.

Holiday Toiletries Packing Tips

“Nearly finished” products

Holidays are a great place to use up products. I do this more on UK holidays when it doesn’t matter about taking heavier/bulkier items. This time (in the beautiful Lyme Regis!) I’ve brought along the rest of my Soap & Glory hand cream, Sainsbury’s face wipes for refreshing my face and neck (they’re a bit rubbish at removing eye makeup!), Olay day cream and a mini bottle of body cream that I took from a hotel – as you do! Again, products that can be used up and thrown away whilst here, thus creating a plethora of space in my luggage to take home any new holiday buys!!

Holiday Toiletries Packing Tips

I hope these 3 quick little tips have got you thinking. Get stashing those little samples and sachets, and feel great once you’ve decluttered those “almost finished” products too.

Have a great trip! 🙂



  1. June 30, 2016 / 8:19 am

    Nice idea with samples – hate taking a huge bottle of perfume with me! I’m also a fan of travel bottles – they sell packs of 3 for £1 in Primark so I generally buy a couple of them and squeeze products into them from larger bottles to save space.

    • June 30, 2016 / 8:32 am

      Samples are so useful! Even for little weekends away. Ooh I’ll look out for Primark, they do a set in Poundland too 🙂

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