The Old Thatched Inn Adstock – Review

Imagine rolling country hills, beautiful weekend sunshine and a pretty village setting. That’s exactly where Sunday evening took me, as I was invited along to try out some lovely food at The Old Thatched Inn in Adstock.

Old Thatched Inn Adstock

Old Thatched Inn Adstock

Old Thatched Inn Adstock

The beautiful thatched building is set in a quaint little village, just South East of Buckingham and not far from Milton Keynes. It’s adorned with flowers, just to make it look even more stunning!

Inside (beside an amazing old fireplace) there’s a bar for those who are after a passing drink or a good catch up with friends. Dining areas are dotted around the building, offering a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere where you can actually hear each other talk – which is always a plus!

Now, onto the yummy part…the food!!

The menu provides a whole host of choices, including many classic dishes loved by all, alongside a few unusual choices for those who fancy trying something a little different.


For starters…

Old Thatched Inn Adstock
Old Thatched Inn Adstock

I opted for the breaded brie with cranberry sauce and oh my!! This is quite possibly the best combination of flavours ever! The breadcrumbs were light and easy to crunch and the sauce contained lovely pieces of cranberry fruit. Once eaten I said, and I quote, “I’m genuinely sad that it’s finished” – it was THAT good.

Old Thatched Inn Adstock
Old Thatched Inn Adstock

Ian went a little bit different and chose the poached egg coated in black pudding and breadcrumbs. (BTW – I made sure I tasted every dish he had!) The perfectly cooked egg worked so well with the black pudding outer coating.


The “main” event…

Old Thatched Inn Adstock

I had this beautifully cooked duck leg with noodles laced with a sweet chilli style dressing, which had a nice little kick – ideal for those (like me!) who can’t handle super hot kicks. The duck skin was marinated with the sauce, making it very edible indeed! I urge you to give it a taste!

Old Thatched Inn Adstock

Ian (being a typical meat loving man) went for the slow cooked shoulder of lamb, paired with vegetables and…bubble and squeak cake! How fab!? Bubble and squeak cake made a refreshing difference from the standard mash potato you’d usually get. The meat was beautifully cooked and *so* tender, and sat in a very tasty sauce – unsure what it was but it tasted delicious!


The “sweet” ending…

Old Thatched Inn Adstock

Can we just take a moment to look at how beautifully presented the above dessert is please!? The sprinkle of frozen raspberries… The tempting swirl of chocolate sauce on which my naughtily delicious chocolate parfait is placed upon… The colours… The perfect dots of sauce just to tie it all off… it looks divine!! …and I’ll let you in on a little secret, it all tasted divine too!

Old Thatched Inn Adstock
Old Thatched Inn Adstock

Ian ended his feast with an orchard fruit crumble, complete with a lovely jug of custard of course! The crumble was lovely and light, making it easy to crunch through. The fruit tasted sooo delicious, I did get a little bit of food envy and secretly wished I had room for a second dessert!!

So there you have it! A fabulous feast at The Old Thatched in Adstock – we couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Our service was perfectly timed, water was already on the table (no need to ask!), food was cooked to perfection – with classic & unusual dishes available, and the setting!? Beautiful!

But don’t just take my word for it, they’re serial award winners, as they’ve won Foodie awards for several years running!

With food being sourced from local suppliers as much as possible to reduce food miles, you can be rest assured that real thought has gone into the running of this restaurant. I mean, heck, even the toilet smelt of lemons! A real breath of fresh air after spending a week using smelly seaside public loos…

So a big thank you to The Old Thatched in Adstock for such a wonderful evening! We enjoyed it all and shall be coming back!

Click here to visit The Old Thatched Inn’s website and book a table – you won’t regret it!

Top tip: Fancy a walk after your meal? Pack your boots in the car and explore the public footpaths leading to beautiful fields around the village!

**Meals were provided for us free of charge, but all the thoughts about this delicious meal and the beautiful setting are most definitely my own.**



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