Saying hello to Neals Yard

Oh hey there Neals Yard Remedies! You look pretty lovely as a range don’t you!

A little while ago a local Neals Yard representative from Milton Keynes (Karen Waugh) popped into my workplace to spread the word about the beautiful NYR collection. I got chatting to Karen and she gave me a few lovely little samples for me to try out and write up a little Neals Yard review for my blog – thank you Karen!

Neals Yard Remedies Review

Neals Yard Remedies is one brand I’d been meaning to take a proper look into for quite a while – as I was already aware they’re organic, created from natural ingredients and they’re cruelty free too which ticks a massive box for me!

I’ve since learnt that the brand has been around since 1981 and first opened its doors in a once forgotten corner of Covent Garden – of which I have recently visited and it’s beautifully colourful and has such a cool vibe for such a relatively small space. I’d really recommend popping your head round into the corner if you’re passing by.

On their website they state “we believe in nature, honesty and transparency, and your right to know what goes into the products you buy” – I like this, I like this a lot.

Did you know? That not only do Neals Yard provide lots of lovely skincare products, they also have a fantastic makeup range, mother & baby products, aromatherapy oils, vitamins and loads more? There’s a whole world of NYR products to dip your toes into.

I’d already tried their Geranium & Orange bath foam which was to die for and so relaxing on those stressful evenings when only a nice hot bath will do. However, I can’t see this on their site at the moment, but they do have a Geranium & Orange bath oil which sounds rather nice!

Neals Yard Review

So what did I try out?

Evening 1

First up was the Rehydrating Rose Facial Polish, which “exfoliates and enriches normal skin”. I absolutely loved this product. It’s created with antioxidant rich milk thistle and aloe vera – super natural stuff! This is then mixed up with the wild rose seed which gently exfoliates your skin. The scrubbing seeds are perfect for my skin – I’m blemish prone, so my skin doesn’t take well to those scrubs that feel like you’re scrubbing Velcro on your face. This, on the other hand, was perfectly balanced and left my skin feeling renewed.

On the same evening, I also gave the Beauty Sleep Concentrate (for all skin types) a whirl, which “recharges and works with your skin’s natural night time rhythm”. The next morning I woke up with beautifully soft skin, it was pretty damn amazing. This product also helps to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles – not something I’m massively worried about at present, but it’s never too early to start off on the right foot is it!? I simply love how natural this range smells, it’s divine.

The last product I tried out was the Frankincense Intense Eye Cream. I really need to up the ante on my skincare regime and ensure I start using eye creams more often, and this one in particular can definitely stay on my “would buy” list. Again, naturally scented (which is nice when you’re putting products around your delicate eye area!), it left my skin feeling plumped and perfected – helping to hide the fact I never go to bed early enough!


Evening 2

On my second trialling evening, I gave two more products a go…

Rejuvenating Frankincense Refining Cleanser – So, at first, I got really stuck in and started using this completely wrong – oops! That’ll teach me for not reading the directions. So yes, before you start throwing water on your face and rubbing this in, please note that this is one of those skin renewing hot cloth type cleansers…

Anyways, I applied this to my (dry) skin and again a very appealing natural scent greeted my nose. The cream is thicker than an everyday moisturiser would be, to enable it to sink into your skin and really do some good. Next comes the fun part… Rinse a muslin cloth under hand-hot water and start to polish your face. I always try to ensure I’m using different parts of the cloth for the different areas of my face, to keep things as clean as possible. Once the product is buffed off, my skin felt beautiful, smelt lovely and was really cleansed. Goodbye daily grime!!

Next up, and the final product I’m writing about today is the White Tea Toning Eye Gel. With this, a little goes a long way as the product has a watery-gel like texture. My eye area instantly felt cooled after using a little dab of this – and even more so when I started walking around whilst it was drying! Bliss. I’ve just read that a 2009 study found that this gel also “has the potential to reduce the risk of age-related wrinkles” – sold.

I’m still yet to try out the Wild Rose Hand Cream & Frankincense Hydrating Cream (as pictured below), but I’m sure they’ll be just as yummy as the rest! A big thank you to Karen Waugh for letting me try out Neals Yard Remedies to give my initial thoughts on the range.

Neals Yard Review

It’s such a pleasure to use such naturally scented products, combined with  Neals Yard’s ethics and company beliefs – you really feel this is a collection you can trust, not only on your skin, but in every day life. And to me, that is pretty damn great!

I’m really looking forward to discovering more and more products from the fabulous cruelty free Neals Yard range!

Do let me know if there’s any NYR products you rave about – I’d love some recommendations! 🙂


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