Milton Keynes Bloggers Brunch

Being a blogger is great, you get to do a hobby you love doing, you learn new skills, you discover new things and places to go – and some people enjoy reading through your random scribbles about it all, which is rather lovely! (Thank you!)

However, sometimes it’s a bit of a awkward thing to be into when none of your “real life” friends really are. I’m probably boring them to death with my posts about my latest blog write-ups, ha, oh well! So…when a lovely local blogger by the name of Sophie (from —> Sophie’s Suitcase) set up the Bloggers’ Brunch for bloggers who live in Milton Keynes, I jumped at the chance to meet up with fellow like-minded people to chat about blogging and other fun stuff.

Milton Keynes Bloggers Brunch

I arrived at the Swan in Salford (which is beautiful by the way!) around 9:30am in the morning, naturally a little nervous yet genuinely excited to meet new people. I was greeted by lots of friendly faces and I instantly felt welcomed and started chatting to some lovely girls.

The room was really pretty and a perfect size for our meetup, with a long wooden table adorned with our fabulous goodie bags!  Look at all the fab stuff we got! Including some beautiful stationery provided by a blogger who was there at the meet. Do go and check her Etsy shop out here —> Lethbridge Cards

Milton Keynes Bloggers Brunch

Milton Keynes Bloggers Brunch

Milton Keynes Bloggers Brunch

Milton Keynes Bloggers Brunch

Shortly after a few hellos to some new people, our brunch was served! It was hard to choose what to have from the menu, but salmon seems to win me over every time…so eggs royale it was! But the brunch didn’t stop there, oh no! We had glasses of prosecco, juices, water, tea…..we were certainly well catered for.

After devouring my brunch I made a little move to the other end of the table to be social and ensure I met some other new faces whilst I was there. Everyone was so lovely to chat to! The event was really inspiring and really made me feel motivated to work harder on my blog going forwards. It’s amazing what a few hours on a Saturday morning can do for you!

I really hope to see everyone again at another event and I look forward to discovering all their fab blogs too! :)

A big thank you to Sophie from Sophie’s Suitcase for putting on a great event and ensuring everyone there felt welcomed. Thank you!! :)



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