Handmade Business Cards

Maybe you want something a little different, or maybe you’re like me and didn’t realise how long it takes to get business cards sorted and delivered without paying extra for delivery! Well, today this little post is for you.

Today I’m heading off to the #BlogosphereValentines tea party with Jaz from The Life of a Social Butterfly and I’ve created a couple of handmade business cards in case anyone wants my details.

Handmade Business Cards

So how can you make your own business cards? Here’s what I did…

First up, design!

I used publisher as I’m familiar with how to use it and knew it would be super easy for me to knock something up quite quickly. Obviously you can use any software you wish!

Business card content…

You can go all out, adding photos of yourself, maybe a longer description…get creative!

For quickness I’ve replicated what I have as my blog title as it covers all the areas I typically write about, and I feel it’s good to be consistent. I also chose a font that wasn’t too dissimilar to that on my blog title section.

I’ve also added on my blog link, social media handle and email address, so everyone can get in touch if they wish!

Handmade Business Cards


I decided to use luggage tags as I thought it would be a bit of fun and go well with the handmade theme! I bought these colourful tags from The Works and they’re just £1 for a pack of 12…bargain!

Handmade Business Cards

I used label paper and just printed on this using my printer (well, I lie, I used my parents’ one as my printer is out of ink! Ha!). Label paper makes it super easy to just peel and stick. Alternatively, you could use double sided tape or glue if you can’t get hold of labels.

So there you go! Print, stick, business cards made!

Why not use this idea for super affordable and quick party invites, wedding invites or anything-you-like invites!?

Have a great day! :)


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