5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Birthday Presents

save money on birthday presents

save money on birthday presents

save money on birthday presents

For a while now I’ve been meaning to bring a few more money saving tips to my blog, to help others on their saving journey. So today I’m starting off with how to save money on birthday presents. Quite an obscure one I know, but hey, all those birthdays we celebrate over the year all add up! So here’s how I save £’s on birthday presents throughout the year…

#1 – Birthday Cards

£3 cards that will just get thrown into the bin one week later isn’t my favourite way of spending my money, so personally I usually opt for a much cheaper alternative. It still sends your best wishes and looks pretty on a mantelpiece, yet it keeps your purse much happier! Keep an eye out for nice looking cheaper cards in stores such as Card Factory or try supermarkets such as Tesco, where I managed to pick up packs of 10 birthday cards for £1 a little while ago. Sometimes you’ll find a perfectly lovely card for much less.


#2 – Shop the sales

When it comes to the presents themselves, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the sales. I shop throughout the year and stash away presents for people. Whether I’ve found the one perfect present that I know someone will love or whether I’m stocking up on mini treats that will be lovely for all, it’ll help save £’s over the year.

#3 – Reuse

When you’ve received a present in a gift bag, don’t just throw the bag in the recycling – reuse it! As long as it’s in good condition and doesn’t look too shabby, it’s perfectly fine to use again. Gift bags can cost a couple of quid, just for a bit of colourful cardboard! So get stashing and reusing. The same can apply to ribbon and any other random bits of pretty decoration you may come across!


#4 – Loyalty Points

Struggling to afford someone’s present? Why not use your loyalty points to buy the gift? Boots, Superdrug, Nectar and many more companies offer loyalty cards, and as annoying as they are cluttering up your purse, it’s like receiving free money each time you shop. Free money that can help you out when you’re feeling the pinch or simply want to be super savvy!


#5 – Freebies!

Freebies can be found in all sorts of places. Whether it’s via a loyalty app such as o2 priority (where I’ve managed to get lots of beauty freebies, chocolate, cards & more!), free gift with purchase freebies, blogger goodie bag freebies, or anywhere else freebies! You can’t get cheaper than free! If you’re not going to use the freebie you receive, why not stash it away for someone’s birthday? It might be the perfect little addition to their birthday pressie and it doesn’t cost you a penny!


So there you have it my lovelies! 5 super easy ways to save money on your pressies throughout the year! All it takes is a little re-thinking. All these little changes in life can really add up and make a real change to your bank balance and life goals! You needn’t give people rubbish for their birthdays to save a pretty penny or two. You CAN be kind to others whilst being kind to yourself too! 🙂


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