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When was the last time you completely switched off? I mean, had a real “me, myself and I” moment? Completely zoned out. No mobile, no laptop, not even Netflix with a glass of wine in the bath kinda moment? I know it’s been wayyy too long since I last did!

With the pressures of a modern life, trying to be here there and everywhere, working a busy job, trying to fit everything into your evenings, see everyone, say yes to every opportunity, please as many people as we can, trying to be, you know, perfect. It’s very easy to forget to take time out for ourselves to completely and totally chill out. But recently I was given the opportunity to completely, and I mean 100% COMPLETELY relax.

I was invited to go along and check out the brand new floatation.life centre in Crownhill, Milton Keynes. And ohhh em geee, I am so glad I did! It left me feeling totally and utterly refreshed and ready to take on the world.

But what is floatation.life I hear you shouting at your screen!? floatation.life is where you step into another world and leave this hectic one behind for just a little while. You float your worries away in your own personal floatation tank filled with Epsom salts, within your own room. No one else. Just you.

Floatation Life Milton Keynes

Floatation Life Milton Keynes

As you arrive at the centre you’re greeted by the lovely team, who welcome you in, help to put you at ease and forget the outside world. At reception they even ask you to hand over your mobile phone as a symbolic way to signify that you’re truly leaving the ever busy and connected world behind.

Before heading on through, they provide you with lovely chill out music to listen to whilst sitting in a wonderfully relaxing massage chair. These 10 mins of “wind down” time are the perfect bridge between the busy world you just left and the soothing one you’re about to enter.

Once the 10 minutes have passed, it’s your time to head on through to your very own relaxation space. Everyone has their own room, complete with a shower (body wash, shampoo and conditioner are all provided!) and a little area with a mirror to ensure you’re prepped and ready for your float! The team provide you with ear plugs (ones that just cover your outer ear/they don’t go all the way in like usual ones), face wipes, cotton pads and buds and a little bit of Vaseline to ensure any cuts/graises are covered up to prevent them stinging – that water is filled with Epsom salts after all!

Before taking a dip, you have a shower and wipe your face with the wipes provided to ensure your body is stripped of any oils etc. Then that’s it! You’re ready for your floating experience!

Then you step into your float tank and close the side door behind you. There’s a little light on in your tank, so if you feel comfortable you can close the roof of the tank too, to ensure you have complete darkness once you switch the light off inside the tank.

Floatation Life Milton Keynes

If you’re worried you may end up with salt water in your eyes…don’t! They provide you with a water spray and flannel for your face should you need it at all.

Once the light is off and the doors of the float tank are closed, it’s time for you to enter a world of pure tranquillity. Get comfortable and float on your back with your head back, just like you would in a swimming pool. (If you don’t feel happy putting your head right back there is a blow up neck cushion provided in the room should you wish to use that instead).

The salt in the water will comfortably take the weight of your body and as the water temperature is carefully matched to that of the air, once you have 100% relaxed in there a completely surreal but beautiful floating feeling is created. You lay there listening to the lovely chilled music playing lightly in the tank for the first few minutes as you feel your body relax more and more with each moment that passes. I can’t even begin to give the feeling justice with my words, I simply can’t compare this pure relaxation to anything else I’ve ever experienced. Nothing else in the world matters, you can simply and honestly just get back to being you. As cliché as that sounds, right there nothing else matters, it’s like hitting your body’s reset button.

As your hour in the tank passes by, don’t worry if you even fall asleep as it’s perfectly safe to do so – I think I did for a few seconds! They have a brilliant FAQ section on their website, should you have any further queries about the experience.

Once your hour is coming to end, the music will quietly start to play once again. After you step out of your tank, you can have a quick shower once again to rinse your body. Get dressed and pop round to their dedicated area where you can go and blow dry your hair and use the face wipes, face moisturiser, hand cream and bottles of water as provided – how lovely! Now you’re feeling refreshed, you can head on down to their relaxation room where you can sit in a fab massage chair once again, whilst listening to chilled music, watching beautiful scenes on the screen in the room or even sit there and do a spot of colouring in to further relax. Water is provided in this room too and it’s filled with lovely candlelight and plants, perfect!

Floatation Life Milton Keynes

Floatation Life Milton Keynes

Floatation Life Milton Keynes

When you’re ready for the real world once again, head back to reception, retrieve your phone from the team and that’s it. You’ll be ready to face anything the outside world throws at you! “Hello world! Hello refreshed new me!” …you’ll be saying!

I honestly can’t recommend this experience enough. As I said earlier, there’s nothing I can compare it to. Total, pure, wholesome relaxation. Our physical and mental wellbeing is so important and we need to take time out to ensure we truly relax and I genuinely personally feel that floatation.life can really help a whole host of people to do exactly that. It’s really worth having a read through their site here: https://floatation.life/ and reading through the benefits of both the experience and the Epsom salts themselves.

The business is family run, and after speaking to the owner I can totally feel how passionate they are about the experience they provide. Why not give their experience a go?

Head on over to the floatation.life website to find out more and book your experience: https://floatation.life/

(This experience was provided to me free of charge, but the views as written above are most definitely my own!)



  1. Sharon Curran
    February 25, 2017 / 11:23 pm

    Sounds lovely – would love to give this a try.

    • February 25, 2017 / 11:24 pm

      It’s really worth a try! It’s like nothing else. So relaxing! Xx

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