Glo&Ray Makeup for Palmer//Harding at London Fashion Week

Glo Ray London Fashion Week

A couple of weekends ago I was invited along to an experience I’ll never forget. The fabulous Glo&Ray makeup team invited me and a few fellow bloggers down to London to the Palmer//Harding show at London Fashion Week.

Now I know some people get invited to these things all the time and some just aren’t interested but personally, I was so excited! It’s not every day that you get to watch all the “behind the scenes” hustle and bustle of a show, let alone at LFW – so I loved it!

Back at uni I actually studied Fashion Marketing and was always aware of the fashion weeks around the world, but never thought I’d attend any shows! So I must say a big thank you to Glo&Ray for inviting me – it was a fab way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Naturally, all the models were wearing Glo&Ray makeup. The theme of the show was “Glam Goth Rebellion”, so think edgy, think mysterious, with a touch of glam for good measure. The models looked amazing and rocked a streak of black eyeliner at the top of the eyelid, with a dot of gold on the inner eye for that added glam!

It was so fun to watch the craziness of backstage, with makeup being done one side and hair on the other. Down the middle of the room it was a rush of photographers, bloggers, helpers and so many more! Amazing!

Glo Ray London Fashion Week

The stage itself was amazing, so mysterious and pretty damn cool. The floor looked like bark chippings but was actually a load of recycled rubber pieces. There were dividers dotted along the runway, with chicken wire-like panels and aged-looking plaster which was falling away. Smoke filled the air to ensure the mysterious atmosphere was automatically portrayed, whilst tree branches hung from the pitched roof ceiling – it was stunning!

The models paraded around weaving in and out of the dividers on the runway. The Palmer//Harding clothing designs looked so lovely, so effortlessly chic. They’re known as “the shirt boys” – and wow! They definitely had some awesomely cut shirt style designs on these ladies!

Palmer Harding London Fashion Week

What an amazing show! Again, thank you so much Glo&Ray for the opportunity to come down and see the show!

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You can also view the Palmer//Harding collection here –


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