My Second Floating Experience at Milton Keynes

A little while ago I was invited along to in Milton Keynes to try out this completely new way of relaxing….floating!!! You can read all about my first experience at (based in Crownhill, Milton Keynes) *HERE* Milton Keynes

If you missed my first write up about, here’s the low down on what it’s all about and how you float your way to total relaxation. So, is a hidden gem in Milton Keynes, and once you walk through their door, you leave your stressful, busy, hectic world behind and enter a completely new one. One where you are warmly welcomed by the friendly team, symbolically hand over your phone once you arrive and start your experience by sitting in a lovely chair whilst listening to the most chilled spa-like music ever. It’s time to 100% switch off!

Once you’ve had a few moments to ease yourself into relaxation mode, the team will lead you through to your own personal floatation room. Inside you will find a very space age looking tank, filled with beautifully warm water with added Epsom salts – which of course, is key to your float! The room also has an area for you to get ready, have a shower and be fully prepped for your experience. There’s a mirror, wipes provided and even a little sachet of petroleum jelly to cover any parts of sore skin – after all you don’t want to sting in the salty water! (I’d recommend shaving your legs the day before!).

Once you’re prepped and ready to experience your float, you can dip your toes into the warm water, close the doors of the tank behind you and switch off the internal tank light if you wish. It’s time to get comfortable, zone out, and float your way to freedom and relaxation.

The great thing about your second experience is that you know all of the above! No longer are you apprehensive about what to expect from this unusual new experience. No longer are you freaking out about whether you’ll feel odd lying in this tank in complete darkness (you can leave the light on in the tank if you wish!). No longer are you wondering how to complete the experience. You know the room, you know the drill, you know the tank… You’re already a pro!

This is when the magic happens…

With your new found expertise in how to float your way to relaxation, comes a whole new level of relaxing altogether! You’re so accustomed to it now, that you can feel each and every muscle in your body relax just that little bit more than last time. You can feel as if you are completely relaxed, but believe me, as you chill more and more whilst floating you’ll feel little muscles in your body letting go just a tad more as the time passes. And oh my did that happen to me! It happened so much that (especially in the last half of the experience) I drifted off to sleep for a few moments on more than one occasion. Yes, I was lying there in the beautiful warm water and air, relaxed enough to sleep whilst floating! A very surreal thing, but don’t worry, it’s completely safe to do so and a lot of people do end up falling asleep in this experience whilst every muscle is catered for by the ever-supportive Epsom salt-filled water.

So it’s true what they say. Your second float is truly where this experience comes to life and surely it can only get better from then on!? I’d really recommend giving a whirl. Treat yourself, your body and your mind. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and so much more at ease with life in general. It’s bloomin’ lovely!

Don’t forget, as I mentioned in my original post, once you have completed your float, has a room where you can dry your hair, apply your moisturiser/makeup etc. Plus, there’s a wonderful post-float relaxation room, where you can relax with beautiful music and images on a screen, partake in a little soothing colouring in and chill out in their lovely massage chairs. Perfect!

To find out more about in Milton Keynes, do pop over to their website here:

*I received my float free of charge from but my thoughts on this beautifully relaxing experience are most definitely my own. I mean. I can’t lie about being so relaxed I fell asleep! Ha!


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