67:33 Fashion Brand Launch Party

67:33 Vintage Fashion Brand

Calling all vintage and new collection lovers!

Last night I was invited down to the launch party of 67:33, a sparkling brand new fashion brand, bringing you vintage collections hand picked by real people. 67:33 is the brainchild of my lovely former work colleague Amy Tompkins, working alongside her partner Akshay.

And…not only are they going to provide you with the best vintage styles, they’re also in the process of creating their own fabulous new collections. How exciting!

But why 67:33 I hear you ask? What do the numbers stand for? Last night Amy explained all. It’s all about how she likes to lead her life, 67% led by creativity and 33% led by logic. How beautiful?

67:33 Fashion Brand Launch

67:33 Launch Party

67:33 Launch Party

67:33 Launch Party

67:33 Clothing Brand Launch

67:33 Vintage Clothing Brand Launch

6733 Vintage Fashion

The launch party was 100% Pinterest ready, with gorgeous balloons, pom poms, music flowing, a beautiful food table complete with jars of sweets, glasses of Prosecco with that added raspberry touch – it was stunning. To one end they had rails of beautiful clothing for you to look through and lust over – a treasure trove of different styles, colours, cuts and patterns. It was simply perfect.

Amy spoke about her love for creativity and how 67:33 has had very humble beginnings from when she was living in a flat in London, collecting pieces from the markets, charity shops and anywhere she could get her hands on items she fell in love with. Years of passion have gone into 67:33 and if anyone can make it happen, I’m sure it’s Amy!

During the evening, Amy’s brother, Daniel Butler, recited a collection of poetry. A powerful selection of words to reflect 67:33, which were also printed in her publication that we all received last night to introduce us to the brand.

67:33 Fashion Brand Launch

67:33 Launch Party

67:33 Launch Party

67:33 Launch Party

67:33 is definitely one to watch, I can assure you.

Follow them on Instagram here: _6733 to stay up-to-date with their next movements, style inspo and perfect pieces.

They will be launching very very soon on the ASOS Marketplace, which is fantastic news! So do give them a follow, support Amy in her dream and let’s all enjoy the beautiful items from 67:33.


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    • August 14, 2017 / 8:23 pm

      It was fab! A lovely evening! I can’t wait to see everything on there too 🙂 xx

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