The perfect TV night in

Perfect movie night in

I love this time of year. There’s excitement in the air as Christmas moves ever closer, the Christmas TV ads start to air, everywhere is just getting that little tad more festive. Time to wrap up warm and get cosy on the sofa with your loved ones, eat and drink nice things and watch something awesome on the ol’ box. The lovely people at Panasonic asked me how I’d spend the perfect night in infront of the TV, what would I enjoy watching and all those lovely little additions that make it just so great. After major issues with my home over the past few days or so (I shall go on to explain all), this night in was definitely needed!

It was just the other day that me and my parents were talking about the first TV I ever remember us having…a big box style TV with wood effect veneer sides… 4 channels, and then a little later on we were treated to channel 5! It even had a silver metal controller… It’s sure to say we’ve come a long way since then! When Panasonic got in touch I was pretty impressed by their Panasonic Oled TV, the amount of tech this TV has to bring you an awesomely clear and crisp picture is pretty impressive. It was even designed alongside Hollywood filmmakers and has Panasonic’s latest image processor…it’s all very clever! I just love how slim it looks too. Goodbye big box TV, hello cinema nights in at home…it’ll probably work out cheaper considering the price of cinema tickets these days anyways…

So…the main reason why I was at my parents’ house the other night was because I needed a shower. Yeap. The water in my home had been off since just before 8pm on Thursday night last week. It’s been great fun trying to get by using Asda’s basic 2 litre bottled water. Imagine everything you need to use water for each day…yeap. Fun right? So this perfect night in chilling in front of the TV was most definitely needed! Thankfully since our TV night in on Saturday we have been given access to a temporary supply of water, until they fix the broken pump!

Let’s create the perfect TV night in…

What to watch?

Right now, Ian and I are really loving Blue Planet 2. Who isn’t? This show discovers the most beautiful creatures that live alongside us in this world. It really makes you think about our impact on the world too. I’ve always had a keen interest in helping those living things we share Earth with (as everyone should!) and can highly recommend you watch Blackfish the movie too. Let’s just say, since the release of that film SeaWorld’s shares have plummeted beyond belief. An eye opening film for sure. One that everyone should watch.

I’m sooo excited to get watching all those Christmas films very soon too! Ian won’t let me at the moment, he’s bah humbug when it comes to anything Christmassy before December 1st. But once that day comes… it’s all about Elf, Love Actually, Miracle on 34th Street, The Snowman, Home Alone…there’s so many good classics coming up soon!

What to snack?

Perfect night in snacks

Perfect night in snacks

Vegetable crisps and Doritos sour cream & chive dip! I was going to try to make my own, but after having no water it was just easier to buy all our yummy snacks in. I love vegetable crisps, I just love the contrast from crisp to crisp – yum! Crisps and dip, always a winner and a real crowd pleaser if you have friends over too.

Can you have a proper night in without chocolate? I think not. So I picked up some of that fancy new Green & Blacks Velvet Edition chocolate in the salted caramel flavour. Oh wow this is a taste sensation! The new Velvet Edition collection is all about a creamier tasting dark chocolate, so if you’re new to trying dark chocolate it’s worth a shot indeed. I never used to like dark chocolate because of the bitter taste, but this isn’t like that at all. We also enjoyed some yummy jelly snakes by The Natural Confectionery Co!

To kid myself that I’m still healthy, I also picked up a couple of melon pots for us to munch on too, ha! We also love blueberries and yogurt, but with all the water madness I’d bought the blueberries…but not the yogurt. Oops!

What to drink?

Gingerbread latte drink

If you fancy an alcoholic tipple and getting a little festive too, I’d really recommend adding a dash of Cointreau to your hot chocolate. This is definitely one of our favourite indulgent drinks at this time of year. You just can’t beat that chocolate orange combo.

We went for a non-alcoholic option this time. I’d recently picked up some of these Nescafe Gingerbread Latte sachets (you can find them in the pound shops, as I don’t think they’re in the supermarkets anymore!) ..and they are divine! They were the perfect festive drink to enjoy with our treats in front of the TV.

Setting the scene?

WoodWick Candles Review

Candles, lights, blankets…it’s all about that peaceful and cosy hygge vibe on a night in at this time of year.

In the corner of my living room I have a faux tree from IKEA, which is adorned with fairy lights. It’s so lovely having a twinkle of lights in the room. They make it feel so magical.

Big cosy and comfy cushions are a must alongside those blankets and throws. I have some quite big ones which are great to also throw on the floor when you fancy sitting or laying down there instead of the sofa.

A warming candle… I’ve been really enjoying using my WoodWick Jolly Gingerbread candle (you can read all about them on my post *here*). WoodWick candles crackle whilst they burn as they have a wooden wick, they’re great at creating a fireside feel without the need for a fire. Great if you don’t even have a fireplace like me! The scent is absolutely beautiful too.

So there you have it, my way to have the perfect TV night in this autumn/winter. I definitely recommend trying out that Cointreau and hot chocolate combo this Christmas!

This is a sponsored post thanks to Panasonic, so thank you to them for asking me how I’d spend a perfect night in 🙂

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      Thank you! Water is now all fixed thankfully. I will appreciate every little drop from now on, haha 🙂 x

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