A Rather Fruity Tea Party

Fruit Tea Party Ideas

Fruit lovers unite! If you’re looking forward to all the parties 2018 is going to bring, here’s a little inspo in case you’re in need of some fruit themed party food ideas.

Last weekend Ian and I had a rather fruity tea party for two and it was so lovely!

I mean, who doesn’t love fruit? So I thought wouldn’t it be lovely to give a twist to the typical tea party full of afternoon tea inspired cakes and put a bit of a fruitier and therefore healthier spin on things. But of course still with a little bit of cake, because a life without cake is not a fun one after all.

So welcome on in to my rather fruity tea party, pull up a seat and pour yourself a gorgeous glass of cloudy apple Pago fruit juice. The perfect accompaniment to a fruit based party!

Pago cloudy apple juice

The lovely people at Pago sent us a case of their beautiful cloudy apple juice to enjoy, which then inspired me to put together this fruity little feast. This drink is absolutely gorgeous – Ian was pretty blown away and kept saying how nice it was. He was like a broken record, which is a good review of the drink in itself I think!

The Pago cloudy apple juice is 100% juice which has been pressed and not filtered, to ensure it retains all its goodness. It also has a boost of vitamin C, which is perfect for me right now as I’m just getting over a cold.

Pago are makers of premium fruit juices and they have a vast array of flavours to try. So if cloudy apple isn’t your jam, how about trying mango, pineapple, rhubarb and pear or even tomato juice.

They use the best suppliers to ensure every glass is as perfect as it can be. If you head over to their website at www.pagofruitjuice.co.uk you can discover it all, and even order a case for your very own rather fruity tea party!


Fruit party food ideas…

A really simple party food that takes literally seconds to put together are fruit skewers. I bought the wooden skewers in a pack from Sainsburys, but I’m sure they’re widely available elsewhere too. Then you simply pop pieces of fruit onto the stick. I kept the same pattern across them all, to ensure they looked nice and uniform when displayed.

But there you have it, so so easy to assemble – your party will instantly look great with these! You could always have a fun little “DIY” station where people create their own ones too.

Also…how cute is this pink flamingo melamine platter plate? I bought it in Sainsburys a while ago for just a few £’s in the sale. It’s so fun and just perfect for a fruit tea party.

Fruit skewers

Next up in my very lovely hand blown The White Company glass dessert dishes may I add, we had a simple dish of yogurt and fruit. Again, such a simple and easy snack, but most definitely an underrated one.

Pick your favourite yogurt, or a healthy one if you’re being good (we opted for a protein-filled one as Ian’s all about the protein right now) and then top it up with your favourite fruit.

If you’re feeling fancy, you could always add a dash of honey, chocolate sauce, granola or a fruit coulis. The possibilities are endless with this one. We enjoyed dipping our fruit skewers into it too!

Yogurt topped with fruit

If, like me, you are yet to learn how to bake and become that domestic goddess you dream one day you will be. Then here’s a really super easy way to jazz up some shop bought cakes.

I picked up these little coconut cakes from our local Asda (keeping things on the fruit theme), added a dollop of clotted cream, a slice of strawberry for that extra bit of fruit and then sprinkled a gorgeous topping of grated dark chocolate on the top.

Again, such a simple thing to put together, but they look and taste absolutely divine. Who said putting party food together needs to be laborious? We loved these.

Coconut cake topped with clotted cream and strawberries

The fruity fun needn’t stop there! Here’s a few extra ideas to try if you fancy holding your own fruit tea party…

Chia seeds are bang on trend right now, and for a good reason. These little things might be tiny but they are mighty! They are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, fibre, antioxidants, iron and calcium – they’re great at keeping your energy going. So use these fab little things and create a chia seed parfait. Here’s a lovely recipe from Healthy magazine to try – *click here*.

I’m sure you’ve seen these. Next time you’re making ice, why not pop a few blueberries or mini chunks of fruit into the water to make fruity ice cubes. They look amazing in your drinks and leave you with a tasty treat once melted.

Apple and peanut butter is a wonderful and underrated combination, try dipping slices of apple into pots of peanut butter.

Instead of just fruit skewers, why not try them in a more decadent style. Use strawberries, marshmallows and little brownie bites for a naughty but nice more indulgent treat.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed my little fruity tea party post. Here’s to partying our way through 2018!

Don’t forget to check out the fab Pago fruit juices at www.pagofruitjuice.co.uk

Thank you ever so much to the team at Pago who sent me a case of their gorgeous cloudy apple juices free of charge. As always all the writing and fruity ideas are all mine.

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