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Getbuzzing protein bars

You guys may have heard me waffling lately about how I want to get healthier in 2018 after a rubbish year for health last year. I’ve joined a gym, I’m eating relatively well…still with the occasional treat of course. But one thing I’ve really been trying to hunt down lately is an array of tasty and healthy snacks.

I’m trying to find snacks that fit into my busy lifestyle of working full time, trying to keep on top of blogging, running a home and fitting gym time in too – you guys get the drill! Life is busy.

So it was pretty lovely to discover the snacks by getbuzzing lately and find out how awesome they truly are.

First up, these snacks are nut free. Yes not one nut in sight. The company goes to great lengths to ensure nuts are kept well away from their bars, if this is something that’s important to you, I’d recommend reading their about us page *here* where they explain all. The bars also have no additives, preservatives or colourings, just good stuff. getbuzzing even have a collection of gluten free bars too.

They have a huge range of flavours and even have a range of higher protein bars too, which are great for gym goers. So there’s definitely something for everyone. I mean, HELLO Mint Choc High Protein flavour! *insert heart eyes emoji* ..this is my favourite so far alongside the Wowbutter flapjack. Yeap, they even have moreish flapjacks too. Flavours include –  banana, wowbutter (yes, still nut free & delicious!), mixed berries and date & seed. To think these bars are all made with natural ingredients is pretty impressive.

Ian was eyeing up these snacks all last week and asking me over and over if he can eat any yet. He’s been really into the gym lately, and to be totally honest he’s done amazingly well. So the protein bars definitely caught his eye when they arrived and he’s so impressed by the way they taste.

Getbuzzing date and seed bar

It’s so good to find another healthy snack alternative that is so easy to throw in your handbag for a shopping trip or to stash away in your snack drawer at work.  Variety is the spice of the snack life I think.

Ian and I have both been so impressed with the flavours we’ve tried so far. They’re honestly so much more delicious than we thought they’d be.

You can find out more about the getbuzzing range of bars on their website www.getbuzzing.co.uk ..they’re most definitely worth a try.

Thank you so much to the getbuzzing team for letting us try your lovely snack bars for free. As always, all my thoughts are most definitely mine (or Ian’s).

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