Making Gifting Easy with Prestige Hampers

Prestige Hampers Review - hamper filled with wine, olives, crackers, nuts, shortbread and florentines

I love giving gifts, but I also like making life easier for myself. I’m often found buying cards and presents early in advance of birthdays and other celebrations, and stashing them on my “present shelf” in the spare room ready to be gifted.

When Prestige Hampers asked me if I’d like to review one of their hampers, I was really impressed by the selection they had available on their website. They have so many to choose from. Wine, cheese, sweets, bath bombs, fruit…there’s even one that enables you to grow your own tea! Amazing right?

You’ll also be pleased to know that they have hampers for all types of budget too. So if you fancy splashing out on certain people, but want to spend a little less when buying for others, you can do exactly that.

I was sent the Tray of Delights hamper, and what a true delight it is! Beautifully presented in a basket, this hamper contains a very drinkable Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, Oloves olives (basil & garlic flavour), Grate Britain cheddar crackers, Simply Cornish handmade shortbread biscuits (clotted cream, apple & blackberry flavour), Crunch Craving fruit & nut mix and handmade luxury Florentines from Linden Lady Chocolates.

I’m drinking the wine as I type this (hopefully not making any typos as I go…) and it’s so lovely. I’m not a connoisseur of wine (I did go on a wine tasting tour in Tenerife last year though!), but this is really easy to drink, so if you’re worried if the recipient will like the wine or not, I’m pretty sure they’ll like this one. It’s crisp and has notes of lime, pear and herbal flavours. The little pot of Crunch Craving nuts & fruit is the perfect snack to have whilst enjoying a cold glass of this wine.

The shortbread biscuits were lovely and go well with a cup of coffee. They crumble up nicely and have yummy pieces of fruit dotted throughout the biscuit. Deeelish!

I mentioned in a recent restaurant review how I’ve only recently started to like olives…I used to detest them. So I’m still wary when I try them. However, these Oloves olives with basil and garlic flavouring are gorgeous. Yes, gorgeous. …says the girl who used to hate olives. I’d happily buy a bag of these again.

The cheddar crackers are so moreish. Topped with a little salt and made with freshly grated all-British Wookey Hole Cheddar. They’re also flavoured with a little mustard powder and black pepper. Just. So. Good.

The Florentines…there’s nothing not to like about these. They were the perfect end of bank holiday treat to sweeten up the blues of the weekend ending. I’d never tried a Florentine before, but oh my they’re rather tasty. Discs of chocolate decorated with fruit, nuts and seeds. Just lovely.

Prestige Hampers Review - hamper filled with wine, olives, crackers, nuts, shortbread and florentines

Prestige Hampers Review - hamper filled with wine, olives, crackers, nuts, shortbread and florentines

I think these hampers could make gifting sooo super easy. Do they love a G&T? There’s a few hampers for that. Are they diabetic? There’s a hamper for that too. New baby? Get well soon? Yeap…all catered for. As I’m typing this I’m genuinely wondering to myself why I don’t use hampers like this for gifts more often. Imagine the time you’d save shopping around, haha! At the bottom of this post I’ve picked out a few of my favourite hampers to give you a little gifting inspo.

After lifting the hamper out of the box it arrived in, I noticed a little piece of paper noting their “environmental packaging policy”. It was so great to read this and discover the great lengths they’ve gone to to ensure that the packaging is environmentally friendly. For example, the outer boxes are made from 100% recyclable board and even the bubble wrap bags are biodegradable. Brilliant. I never knew they could be. This is something that all companies should strive to care about.

Prestige Hampers Review - hamper filled with wine, olives, crackers, nuts, shortbread and florentines

Prestige Hampers Review - hamper filled with wine, olives, crackers, nuts, shortbread and florentines

My favourite picks from Prestige Hampers…

If you’re looking for something a little different, maybe for someone who is *SO* hard to buy for, why not opt for this Grow Your Own Herbs Hamper. It’s so cute and you get a little basket, mini garden fork and trowel with it too! Perfect new home gift maybe? –

What guy doesn’t love beer & cheese? Guys can be so hard to buy for sometimes, but I’m sure they’d love opening up this beer and cheese hamper –

For a little more luxury, how about the Hamper Royale, which comes with a wide variety of treats and a couple of bottles of wine to enjoy with them. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, as I’m sure these treats would last for ages. It all comes in a gorgeous wicker basket too –

For a pamper treat, this Bathing Bliss hamper looks so cute! Not only do you get a bottle of bubbles, you also receive a bag of tasty stem ginger batons from one of my favourite chocolate brands Lily O’Briens (can totally vouch for their chocs) as well as a lovely set of bathing goodies from cruelty free brand Bomb Cosmetics. Love it!

If the above don’t sound like what you’re after, then no worries! As mentioned earlier, Prestige Hampers have a ridiculous amount of hampers to choose from, so take a peek over on their website here: and pick out the perfect one for you!

*Prestige Hampers provided this hamper free of charge for the review, but the thoughts on the product are mine as always.

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