An Afternoon of Relaxation at Wyboston Lakes Y Spa

Wyboston Lakes Y Spa Review Hydrotherapy Pool

Wyboston Lakes Y Spa Review Hydrotherapy Pool

Is anyone not busy these days? We all seem to be rushing from one thing to the other. When was the last time you took *proper* time out just to “be”?

Working full time, trying to keep a blog running, along with general life admin and trying to fit in all the things and people you want to see, is quite frankly, bloomin’ hard sometimes.

I was recently asked to pop along to Wyboston Lakes to check out the Y Spa, as well as their Waterfront restaurant…so naturally I was like, yes, yes please, please give me a few hours to rejuvenate my body and mind. My goodness did I need it.

Wyboston Lakes is situated pretty much halfway between Milton Keynes and Cambridge. If you’re from the Milton Keynes area like me, the drive there was so simple and easy down the A421.

I also brought my mum along on this little spa adventure, which was lovely. A nice little way to say thank you to my mum for effectively being my PA in my sometimes crazily busy life!

We headed on over to Wyboston Lakes and arrived about 1pm to grab a 2 course lunch before an afternoon of pure relaxation.

The lunch that was included in our trip was a choice of 2 courses. It’s down to you whether you fancy a starter (I spotted some lovely soup, beautiful fish dishes and more) and a main course, or a main and dessert. We both opted for the latter, because we really wanted a treat at the end!

Wyboston Lakes Y Spa Buffet Lunch

Wyboston Lakes Y Spa Chocolate Pot Dessert

Wyboston Lakes Y Spa Banana Bread Desserts

It’s like a mini buffet with a choice of a few dishes, perfect if you’re fussy and just like one of the options and also perfect if you’re like us and fancy a little bit of everything on your plate. The lamb chop was served with a lovely sauce, there was even pasta with a choice of sauces – we chose the creamy carbonara. The veggies and rice were so yummy, and we also had a lovely little bread roll on the side.

For dessert we enjoyed a slice of banana bread, which was gorgeous! Mum had a lemon posset mousse pot and I had the chocolate one, both were creamy and rich – such a treat. They also had a selection of fruit to choose from, so we each had a few slices of honeydew melon with a little dash of cream, so refreshing.

Bellies satisfied, it was time to get changed and enjoy what the spa had to offer!

When you arrive at the Wyboston Lakes Y Spa (we checked in before our lunch), they run through a couple of medical forms with you – nothing to worry about, just the usual procedure at anywhere like this. At this point, you’re also given your wristband and your locker number. You can even load a credit/debit card onto your wristband in case you fancy any glass of bubbly round the pool or a relaxing coffee and cake in the café mid-afternoon, so there’s no need to take your purse out of your locker.

You will find your robe and slippers inside your locker all ready and waiting for you. There’s plenty of fresh white towels available too, and you can replace them whenever needed during your trip or grab an extra one at the end if you need it for your hair etc.

Wyboston Lakes Y Spa Changing Area Dressing Tables

I was so impressed with the changing area at the spa. It’s fresh and modern and has everything you need. Space to sit down and rest bags, changing cubicles, individual dressing table-type areas with a good hairdryer by each one (with a decent cord that won’t hold you back from using it properly!), as well as a moveable light-up mirror in addition to the full sized one at each table.

I did read online that they can lend you hair straighteners too if you need them, v. helpful. Also, the showers come with lovely shower gel and conditioning shampoo, in case you haven’t brought yours along with you.

It’s spa time!

The spa genuinely has something for everyone. Personally, I’m not someone who can stand the intense heat of a typical sauna, so I loved the “softy” room which is probably the easiest room to sit in if you’re new to this type of experience. I could have sat in this room all afternoon. Beautiful wood benches are set at different heights, allowing you to sit or lay however you wish.

The spa seems quite intimate, in the sense that it’s not a huge vast space. It’s perfectly sized for the amount of people in there. The atmosphere was one where we both felt at ease. No worrying about other people staring at you or anything like that. We often had the sauna type rooms to ourselves too, so it certainly wasn’t crowded on the mid-week afternoon that we went.

We also tried the “steamy” steam room, which at first felt quite warm, but as you sit down you realise the heat rises and once sitting and relaxing, you soon ease yourself into really relaxing and enjoying the warm steamy room. It’s just so nice to sit in there and simply concentrate on relaxing and breathing in what is a relaxing warm atmosphere.

We tried the “salty” steam room too, which felt like a step up from the other steam room. We weren’t so keen on the intensity of this one, so we opted out. However, if you like the feel of the “steamy” steam room when you visit, then it might be worth trying the “salty” one too. So there definitely is a room or two, or three, or more for everyone – find what works for you, and enjoy!

Besides all the warmth, there’s also a cool down area with sensory showers and an ice wall, which has a lovely melty surface – don’t worry, you won’t get stuck on the ice! Enjoy the cold if you dare! It was actually quite welcomed after being in the softy sauna or the steam room, certainly refreshing to say the least.

Heading outside… you’re greeted by the most inviting hydrotherapy pool. Bubbling away, and so soothingly warm. It’s the perfect way to relax your body. Whether you want gentle bubbles or more powerful jets and waterspouts to massage those muscles, this pool has it all. I could have stood under the waterspout with it on my back all day. It has such a lovely pressure to really help put those muscles at ease.

Outside they also have a gorgeous relaxing area, filled with fun summer-ready deck chairs, comfy sofas by the log fire and parasols for when it’s super sunny. Grab a book or a magazine and a glass of bubbly! If you’ve got the weather for it, enjoy it out there. We were lucky to have a super sunny day, so we spent a lot of time out there either in the pool or soaking up the sun on one of the seating areas.

Out there is where you’ll also find their “some like it hot!” kelo sauna. It’s housed in the cutest log style cabin, making you feel you’re in a ski resort somewhere lovely!

Wyboston Lakes Y Spa Sleep Relaxation Area

Wyboston Lakes Y Spa Softy Sauna

If piece and quiet is what you’re looking for, then head to one of the 2 chillout areas. In one, you’ll find some very welcoming beds in the most relaxing atmosphere, somewhere to catch 40 winks and let your body truly rest. The area is perfectly furnished to put you at ease and comfort you, with beautiful furnishings, a relaxing fire and even an area where you can just sit and enjoy a good book or magazine – they even provide some if you forget to bring yours.

The second chillout area was playing beautifully relaxing music. There were lovely water beds to lie down on, or you could sit on the big bean bags and read your time away. Use your time to do whatever you wish.

To complete the day, we had dinner at the Waterfront restaurant, which was absolutely divine. Not only did we have the most lovely view across the lake, the food was well cooked and the service was brilliant too.

Wyboston Lakes Y Spa Waterfront Restaurant

Wyboston Lakes Y Spa Waterfront Restaurant


Mum really enjoyed the duck rillettes which came with a gorgeous plum chutney, whilst I had the stuffed calamari. I love my calamari, and often choose it when it’s on the menu – however, I’d never had it stuffed! It was SO good. Seafood mousse, roasted red pepper, tomato fondue and garlic aioli…yum!

Wyboston Lakes Y Spa Waterfront Restaurant

Wyboston Lakes Y Spa Waterfront Restaurant


Mum’s main was a slow cooked lamb fillet, with roast Mediterranean vegetables, grilled aubergine and minted new potato – which was all certainly enjoyed! I opted for the pork belly, which came with some of my favourite sides…dauphinoise potatoes, spiced apple and creamed cabbage. All perfectly cooked and perfectly enjoyable.

Wyboston Lakes Y Spa Waterfront Restaurant

Wyboston Lakes Y Spa Waterfront Restaurant

Wyboston Lakes Y Spa Dark Chocolate Caprese


Oh my…these were both suitably delectable desserts, and just the greatest way to end the greatest day!

Mum had the white chocolate & raspberry cheesecake, which was served with a side of fruit compote. Just look at it…doesn’t it look amazing?

For me, it was all about a little chocolatey treat…so I went for the dark chocolate caprese. Such a decadent treat, served with chocolate sauce, candied almond and a cheeky side of Chantilly cream. Thank you so much to the Waterfront restaurant for the most perfect meal – the waitresses that served us were so brilliant too.

What a really lovely day! So relaxing, so needed and such a treat for both me and my mum. It really has reminded me that I don’t book spa days often enough. Taking time out to look after yourself, in regards to both body and mind is so underrated and so easy to overlook in our busy lives.

If you fancy finding out more and booking a little trip or an overnight spa stay at the Wyboston Lakes Y Spa, head on over to their website:

You can even add on beautiful treatments such as facials, massages, manicures, pedicures – they also have treatments for men, couples and ladies who are expecting. It could make a really lovely gift for a loved one!

*Wyboston Lakes Y Spa provided this spa experience and the food and drink free of charge in return for this review. As always, the views are always mine and I absolutely loved every moment! Wonderful food, the most relaxing spa, and really lovely smiley helpful staff!

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