The Brothers’ Supper at The View, Milton Keynes

The Brothers Supper at The View Milton Keynes

One thing I’ve loved doing lately, is trying something new. Less of the same old same old and more of the new please!

If you fancy trying something new in Milton Keynes, then how about “The Brothers’ Supper”? Milton Keynes’ Chef of the Year 2018, Shane Clarke along with his brother Aaron, has set up a unique dining experience, featuring 6 courses of sheer delight. They even had a vegan option, so if that’s your jam, they can totally cater for you too.

I was invited down to their most recent event, held at the beautiful venue of The View, Great Linford in Milton Keynes. It’s certainly not called The View for nothing…

The View Great Linford

…stunning right?

To kick start our meal, we were treated to a selection of homemade breads, with dips & farmhouse condiments, which were all super yum. Then out came our starter of a delicious tomato and basil soup, with heirloom tomatoes, black olives and whipped avocado. That whipped avocado was absolutely lush! I’ve never had it whipped before, but I would most certainly be happy to have that again. So good, so creamy.

Breads at The Brothers Supper The View Milton Keynes

Tomato & Basil soup at The Brothers Supper The View Milton Keynes

The next course, was certainly a favourite of mine. Every piece of food was just so wonderfully cooked. Church Farm lamb was presented with sweet potato falafel, charred corn, red pepper, lime & quinoa. The lamb and other ingredients were lovely of course! ..but for me the showpiece of this dish was the sweet potato falafel… WOW. If the chefs could tell me how I could recreate that at home I would be happy for life! The flavour really took me by surprise in such a great way, I didn’t expect it to be SO yummy.

Following this was line caught monkfish, with lentil dahl, carrots, spinach, mango & puffed rice. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever had monkfish and I really enjoyed it! It’s a white fish with a meatier style texture to it, very palatable indeed. The puffed rice was a nice extra and added a lovely touch of texture to the dish. The lentil dhal is something I wouldn’t usually opt for, but it wasn’t too spicy so I was still able to enjoy this with the fish.

Lamb dish The Brotbers Supper The View Milton Keynes

Monkfish dish The Brothers Supper The View Milton Keynes

Following the monkfish, we moved onto a chicken dish… Cotswold white chicken, farfalle, peas, broad beans, asparagus and wild garlic, which was topped with a crispy leaf, just like how seaweed is done. I absolutely love seaweed, so this was right up my street! I loved everything about this dish, but I did struggle to finish it, so I sadly had to leave some. I’m someone who can’t eat loads of food in one sitting, so for some people this portion size might be absolutely fine. I’m a very very slow eater too, haha.

Chicken Dish The Brothers Supper The View Milton Keynes

Coming towards the end of our meal, we had a light refresher in the form of BBQ pineapple, coconut, mango & passionfruit. It did have a few sprigs of coriander in it too…which I did try, but nope, still not a coriander fan. However, coriander aside, the rest of this was deeelish – a lovely combo of flavours. A perfect little palate cleanser to separate the main dishes from the indulgence of the dessert to come…

Just look at that sunset view we were able to enjoy whilst dining too – that place had such a fabulous atmosphere.

To finalise the evening, we were presented with “The Brothers’ Chocolate Bar” – with peanuts, raspberry and vanilla. This was one truly indulgent treat for sure! It was a pretty solid chocolately dessert to delve your spoon into, which made it feel so naughty, but obviously so nice. The base was a crispy style, which I loved! It was really different. All the accompaniments went down well too! I didn’t manage to eat all of this, but wished I took my last piece home with me as a late night treat…ha!

BBQ Pineaple Dish The Brothers Supper The View Milton Keynes

BBQ Pineapple Dish The Brothers Supper The View Milton Keynes

Sunset at The View Great Linford Milton Keynes

Chocolate Bar Dessert The Brothers Supper The View Milton Keynes

To keep up to date with all the upcoming Brothers’ Supper events, head on over to the Chef Clarke Ltd page on Facebook – click here to visit the Chef Clarke Ltd page.

*I was provided with this meal free of charge in return for the review, but all views are my own.

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