Aqua Parcs – Inflatable Obstacle Course on Willen Lake, Milton Keynes

Me in a wesuit at Aqua Parcs Willen Lake Milton Keynes

Fancy doing something really different this week? How about running around like a loon on the Aqua Parcs inflatable obstacle course on Willen Lake in Milton Keynes.

Kids and big kids alike, will absolutely love this!

In the middle of Willen Lake right now is a big blue inflatable floating obstacle course. There’s things to climb over, slides – one of which goes down to the water, a swing to jump off into the lake, monkey bars over the water and lots of “tamer” sections for those who may not fancy a big challenge but still want to have fun. (You’ll find that some sections have an easy or hard route for you to choose between, which is great for people like me. Ha!).

Aqua Parcs Willen Lake Milton Keynes

Each one hour session costs £20 and that includes the hire of a wetsuit and a buoyancy aid, which for something really unique like this that you’ll truly remember, I think isn’t too bad. Comparing it to cinema prices these days…

When you arrive at Willen Lake, head down to the reception by the wakeboarding area. You’ll be greeted by the lovely team who will help you with everything you need to know. There’s lockers (take a padlock for this or you can buy one there for £5 – Ian and I managed to share one), male and female changing areas, showers and the team will hand over a wetsuit for you to wear during the session. I’d never worn a wetsuit before – they’re certainly snug, but also certainly do their job at keeping you warm on course. Even when I first jumped in the water, I don’t remember feeling cold…the first thing that came to mind was “ooh, it’s weird swimming with a buoyancy aid on”.

Once you’re in your wetsuit, you head on down to the debriefing area, where you’re handed your buoyancy aid. Once debriefed and you know all the rules…it’s time to have some fun!

You walk out onto the lake via a long white platform and once at the end, you can either jump in, slip in off the side or use the steps provided. I jumped! I might have screamed a little each time I jumped or landed in the water on the course, but you know…at least I gave it a go, right?

Aqua Parcs Willen Lake Milton Keynes

Once you’re over on the course, it’s totally up to you which direction you want to go in. You can try (or not try) whatever you wish, and if you swim round some parts of the course, you’ll find there are step areas to help you back on to the course.

It’s definitely a good work out! I’m writing this the day after completing the course and I am a tad achy. You do require the use of your upper body strength to pull yourself up out of the water, but I’m relatively weak, so if I can do it, I’m sure you’ll be just fine. During the session you have lifeguards on hand anyways, so if you really end up in any trouble or panicking, don’t worry! I’m sure they’ll be really helpful. Your buoyancy aid will keep you floating anyways and you can always swim round to the step bits instead. So if you’re worrying about any of that, you needn’t be.

It was so much fun! I loved trying to challenge myself as much as I felt comfortable with. That’s the great thing about it, you can take it at your pace and challenge yourself however you wish.

It’s like walking around on a floating bouncy castle. It’s so funny trying to keep your balance and trying not to fall over or fall off the sides.

My favourite parts were the slides, especially the one that lands you down into the water, along with the swing that you jump off and land into the water too. I think the only thing we think would be great to add, is a few more bits that land you in the water like this as it’s so much fun falling in – but obviously you can go on these ones as many times as you wish.

Ian was brilliant at the steps, which are just like the quintuple steps on Ninja Warrior, where you jump from the right to the left one step at a time to get to the other side. I didn’t even attempt this one because I just knew I’d get nowhere with it, but it was brilliant to see him conquer them several times…and fall in once or twice too…

Loved it!

If you fancy giving it a go and having some fun on Willen Lake (in Milton Keynes), you can find out all about it and book your session at

*Aqua Parcs invited Ian and I down to try out and review Aqua Parcs free of charge, but as always, my thoughts are my own. We had such a laugh and would definitely recommend giving it a go!

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  1. August 22, 2018 / 4:08 am

    I live in the States and can’t swim but my husband, kids and grandbabies would love to go do something like that!

    • amandaalston
      August 22, 2018 / 12:28 pm

      It was so much fun! I hope you find one over there! 🙂

    • amandaalston
      August 25, 2018 / 7:01 pm

      Yay! Enjoy! It’s great fun 🙂

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