Stepping into 2019 with Vionic Shoes

Me standing by a brick wall wearing a mustard jumper, jeans and my Vionic Shoes

Hello 2019! A fresh new year is here! I just love the motivation a brand new year seems to give me.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen on my stories lately that I’m on a big decluttering mission. Ian bought me the Marie Kondo “The Magic of Tidying Up” book for Christmas… he knew I wanted it, it’s not like he was trying to tell me something… Anyways. I read half of the book in one sitting and it’s really given me the extra motivation I need to get rid of those items I truly don’t need and only keep the items that “spark joy”.

I seem to have reached that point in life where I’m a lot more conscious of what I buy, especially clothes wise. When I see something I like, I put a lot more thought into whether I’ll definitely get my worth out of the item and if I really need it. That doesn’t mean I still don’t occasionally impulse buy things that I probably don’t need…

I’ve also become more aware of the fabrics that wear easily, ones that crease too much (nobody wants to spend their whole life ironing do they!?) and about the colours I already have in my wardrobe to ensure things pair up easily.

All of this leads on nicely to my latest amazing find in the shoe world. Vionic Shoes!

Outfit details - Vionic Shoes brown boots on my dining table with my blue fox print bag and mustard jumper

I discovered this brand down in London just before Christmas at the latest Blogosphere (a blogger magazine) event and was taken in straight away by the gorgeous designs they had on display. I just loved so many of them.

The great thing about Vionic Shoes is that they’re not only rather beautiful to look at, they’re brilliantly made too! Crafted with beautiful leathers and other top quality and totally on trend fabrics, they also have a focus on ensuring the shoes are genuinely comfortable to wear and are kind to your feet. Style doesn’t have to hurt!

Vionic Shoes state that their “..innovative podiatrist-designed FMT Technology provides superior orthotic support, relief and stability which helps realign the feet back to their natural position” – meaning that these shoes will definitely look after your feet whilst you’re wearing them. Now that’s certainly something I’m going to consider more when buying shoes in the future, after all, our feet work pretty hard don’t they!

Vionic Shoes kindly gifted me these gorgeous “Jolene” brown leather boots so I could check out the comfort for myself and I’m so impressed. The quality of these boots is brilliant and the comfort is second to none. 

For me, they took absolutely no breaking in. On the first wear I was able to walk around the shops really comfortably for hours. Underfoot there’s a lovely shaped footbed with a raised squishy bit in the middle that supports your feet. It made walking so much more pleasurable than my usual shoe choices.

I love the attention to detail with the little metal “V” on the zip and the burnished leather look on the front toe. Additionally, they’re weather resistant, which is just brilliant for those days where you get caught out by the rain. These boots also come in black, in case that’s more to your taste. They also do a range of whole and half sizes – I’m a 6.5 and went for that size, which fit perfectly for me.

These boots are going to be perfect for so many occasions. I’m planning to wear these to work with dresses – just pop on some black tights or leggings, and they’ll look great. So stylish, yet so comfortable for the day ahead. I will definitely be pairing these with jeans again to pop to the shops or into town on my next charity shop run after my next decluttering session!

However, the best thing about ankle boots like these, is that you can dress them up too. I’ll easily be able to wear them to dinner with friends in the evening and still look stylish. The style and comfort will effortlessly take me from day to night. Love them!

You can find out more about Vionic Shoes, the supportive technology and discover all the gorgeous styles they have available (from boots and shoes to trainers and sandals!) over at 

*Vionic Shoes gifted me these boots to review, but all thoughts and words are my own. They’re definitely super comfortable from the first wear and they look sooo gorgeous with so many outfits.

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