The Affordable Christmas Gift Guide

Ultimate Affordable Christmas Gift Guide

I absolutely love Christmas. All that festive spirit (and I don’t just mean the drink), all those sparkly lights and just, well, everything about it.

Giving gifts is one of my favourite things to do, I love it! I love putting all the presents together, wrapping them and generally being generous. But we all know how much it can all add up at this time of year.

First up, before we talk prezzies, can we appreciate how lovely this personalised wrapping paper is from Pretty Gifted? This snazzy website allows you to write whatever you like on your paper, choose the colour, the font style, the wording foil colour, the little icon you want…and it comes with a free gift tag and awesome gel pen too. Obviously I went for the classic “Merry Christmas” line here for Ian, but you could be so creative and write something really witty or personal. You might not wrap your entire present loot in this paper, but I think it would be great for that one special gift you give your loved one or maybe for those select lucky few.

So… everything in this post is what I would call affordable. No 500 quid gadgets or dresses here, just lovely things for lovely people at lovely prices.

Also, all beauty products featured in this post are cruelty free, so you needn’t worry about any of that kinda stuff either.

I’ve split the post down into “for her” and “for him” to make things easier, but of course I’m sure lots of things can cross over too depending on who you’re buying for :)

Also…mum, dad, if you’re reading this…go away!

Let’s get started…

For Her

At Christmas I usually buy pretty much every gift set in Marks & Spencer. Their sets are affordable (also on 3 for 2), beautifully packaged, good quality and above all, BUAV cruelty free approved – woohoo! Well done M&S! So first up is the Royal Jelly collection. A classic and classy range which has gift sets of varying prices. My mum doesn’t like really strong scented products/really fruity ones etc., so she loves this range and I buy her a few pieces from it every year. They have a variety of products available in the sets, so it’s nice to pair a few together – think feet, hands & body. Right now the collection has 50% off at M&S and you can order online to collect instore for no additional cost (like I did today!) if that’s helpful for you.

Also in M&S, is this beautiful ferris wheel perfume set which is currently a 50% off Star Gift at £22.50. I’ve actually bought my dad the men’s version of this (dad’s already bought mum perfume so don’t worry she’s not missing out!) as I’ve mentioned in the men’s section below. This is such a gorgeous gift set, which comes with 12 mini perfumes – perfect for travelling and handbags.

You can’t beat getting shiny new stationery at Christmas can you? I love buying my mum a variety of them in different sizes, she’s also requested a new address book this year. There are some beautiful stores selling beautiful ones, but often at not so beautiful prices. I really recommend taking a look at The Works. They have some gorgeous designs and are usually priced around the £2/£3 mark – not that you’d know it! So they’re my go-to place for new notebooks and pads.

Barry M Nail Paints are my absolute faves when it comes to a little at-home manicure. I’ve grabbed my mum a pink little number this year in the form of the Liquid Chrome in Razzle Dazzle. They’re often on 3 for 2 offers at Superdrug, and if you have a loyalty card for them you can get free delivery on every order all year round! It’s really worth signing up for the card and taking advantage of that if you don’t already. Liquid Chrome is £3.99 a bottle in Superdrug.

Also, I haven’t bought anything from them yet, but I recently found out that Molton Brown is BUAV cruelty free approved too! So go go go and support another beautiful brand making an effort with their ethics. They are at the pricier end of the toiletries market, but they do have some lovely little baubles coming in at £1o/£12 if you fancy a little treat from them this year.

Superdrug is another go-to beauty brand for me. Not only are they super affordable, but again, Superdrug’s own brand products are all BUAV cruelty free approved too – wahey! I buy pretty much 75% of my everyday toiletries from them instead of Boots for that exact reason. Their B. range of beauty products is a staple in my home, especially the micellar water. I’ve bought their night cream for my mum this year. You’ll find that they do products for different age stages too and some products are vegan!

I have to give a little shout out to Little Shop Of Ltd, who do a beautiful collection of jewellery storage books. I reviewed their earrings one *here* and I absolutely love it. It’s a great gift for that person that has everything! Book lovers and jewellery lovers will love it to bits I think.

Candles are always a winner, and I don’t think you can beat those beautiful candles by WoodWick. This year I was lucky enough to check a few out which you can read about *here* , I’m absolutely loving my Jolly Gingerbread candle, but they also do some lovely fresh fragrances too! Admittedly, they are at the pricier end for candles compared to some but no way near the prices of Jo Malone or anything like that. And even Ian has been impressed with how long my jar candle has lasted!

Ultimate Affordable Christmas Gift Guide

For Him

Men are so hard to buy for! Us girls are so easy, beauty, makeup, clothes, vouchers, homewares…there’s so many things to choose from. Guys on the other hand are so much harder, especially when it comes to affordable gifts as they’re not into so many “little things” like us ladies. I often resort to alcohol as it’s often a winner, so the below will have a healthy dose of that…

First up, ales. I always buy my dad a good selection of ales when Christmas comes around. It’s so hard to place them under the tree without clinking them together and dad guessing what they are though! I often get some from supermarkets (classic ones such as Old Speckled Hen, Bishops Finger etc) or M&S (they have a good range and their own brand ones look great too) and try to mix it up with a few locally produced ones too. It’s always great to support local businesses! If you’re in Milton Keynes like me, definitely take a peek at the MK Biergarten in Wolverton for some locally produced gems!

Staying on the alcohol theme, M&S do this really fun gold leaf filled G & Tea, which you can check out *here*. This link is for 6 of them but you can buy them individually instore. I bought this for Ian for his birthday this year and he seems to approve! It looks really cool and fancy with the gold leaf whirring around when you shake it. For fun, I got Ian to shake the bottle before he opened it, so it would be in full effect once opened. I think M&S is an own brand you can buy and be proud to give. The bottle design looks lovely too.

Again staying with M&S, I always buy dad some men’s grooming gift sets from there too. I’ve already bought him a selection from the different collections this year. We’ve tried pretty much every range and can recommend any of it!

As I mentioned in the women’s section above, M&S have some beautiful fragrance sets at the moment which have 50% off. The packaging on this men’s fragrance house is fantastic. It’s so nice to see someone really bother with the packaging of a men’s gift for once. Usually priced at £45 this is just £22.50 right now. I can vouch for these aftershaves, both my Dad and Ian have really enjoyed using them from previous sets we’ve bought before.

I also bought my dad some lovely new notebooks. I managed to find these earlier in the year in a sale at M&S – so for next Christmas a top tip to save money is to shop throughout the year in the sales! These notebooks should have cost £25 together but I paid about £5 for both of them. Dad’s often found in his study. He’s a super organised guy and writes everything down. He also has a vast array of impressive spreadsheets on his computer. So I thought it would be nice to get him a nice new lot of notebooks ready for when he needs them.

Scarves and gloves can also be a lovely gift to give, along with jumpers, knitwear and anything like that. To be honest I don’t usually buy those bits for my dad, as he usually goes shopping with my mum and picks out what he fancies. That way he knows what will fit and he’ll get exactly what he’s after. But it could be lovely to surprise a loved one with something nice like that – just keep the gift receipt in case an exchange or different size is needed! Or why not buy the scarf and give it with a gift card for them to treat themselves to something to go with it?

Ultimate Affordable Christmas Gift Guide

I hope this little list has given you a few extra ideas for Christmas. Please send me your lists too! I love a bit of additional inspo.

I must finish up by mentioning the above Lily O’Briens Desserts Collection of chocolates. You can buy them in both this size and a bigger box too. They’re really affordable, available pretty much everywhere, beautiful and super yummy! We have them every single year without fail as a family, it’s become part of our food tradition. But they’d make such a lovely gift for someone too!

*Thank you to Pretty Gifted for gifting me some amazing personalised wrapping paper for this little gift guide – I love it & think it’s perfect for all year round!

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Winter Skin Care with Flexitol + Competition

Flexitol cream review
It really feels like the temperature has dropped in the last week or so, don’t you think? It’s time to wrap up warm, get excited for the impending festive season but also to look after ourselves too as our skin starts to deal with all that cold weather and hot central heating.

My hands and feet can be dry even at the best of times, a ped egg is my feet’s best friend before jetting off on holiday or parties – as I always want to make sure they look and feel their best. And I’m always applying hand cream, especially around my cuticles and on the side of one of my fingers in particular where I get a strange teeny circle of dry skin!

…but that teeny circle of dry skin that still comes back time after time? Current status: gone! Magic.

I’ve been trying out Flexitol over the past few weeks on my hands and feet, and I must say it’s a real delight to use. Flexitol isn’t about fluffy marketing campaigns and the prettiest pink packaging etc. …they’re all about products that genuinely work. So if you’re serious about caring for your skin this winter and feel your hands and feet could do with a real treat that *actually works*, this is just the ticket!

After a little researching, I’ve learnt that their products contain Urea, which (as they put it) is “a major constituent of the skin’s natural moisturising factor, which improves hydration by increasing the water uptake from dermis” …basically, Urea in products can be used on skin to replicate the hydration process, allowing your skin to soak up all that goodness it needs to flourish – clever right? It can reduce water loss from your skin and actually help it to improve on how much water it can retain. It’s beauty science at its greatest.

I’ve been trying out both the Hand Balm and the Moisturising Foot Cream, the latter can also be used on your legs which is perfect for me because, yeap, you guessed it, I can get very dry legs too…oh the fun! Both the balm and the cream are a lovely white creamy texture that sinks in beautifully and have a lovely subtle scent, not medical at all, just very pleasant.

I’ve been really impressed with how quickly they leave both my hands and feet feeling truly moisturised, normal & healthy! I’m really looking forward to using them over the winter period, especially on those cosy nights in or using the cream overnight on my feet and legs with some fluffy bed socks on.

Flexitol have more products in their collection too to treat your feet, body and hands, so do pop over to their website and you’ll find the perfect product for the problem you’re looking to solve. I really do hope this helps someone, as this balm and cream combo has definitely worked wonders on my skin already.

Now… would you like to win a lovely pair of Flexitol creams? Well here’s your chance to win them, alongside all the other goodies in this cute winter self-care kit!

Flexitol Cream Review

Those lovely people at Flexitol have given me some extra creams to give away to a lucky someone! Yay! So I’ve paired them up with some other self-care essentials, you know, like chocolate.

The winter self-care kit includes…

Flexitol Moisturising Foot Cream

Flexitol Hand Balm (you will get brand new boxed versions of the creams of course!)

Fluffy socks

Nail files

Barry M Speedy nail paint in Sprint Finish

Hotel Chocolat Unwind teaolat sachet

Marks & Spencer Swiss chocolate

How to enter…

Enter on Twitter *here* by just following me and retweeting the pinned competition tweet or over on my Instagram *here* by following the instructions on the competition photo. One overall winner will be chosen at random from both social channels. UK only. Competition closes at midnight on Sunday 19th November.  Good luck! :)

If you’re feeling like your hands and feet could definitely do with a Flexitol treat this winter, you can find out all about them on their website here: and you can easily find them available at Superdrug, Boots, Sainsburys, Ocado…everywhere basically!

This is truly a good find and a product I will definitely buy again to ensure my dry skin problems are kept at bay!

A big thank you to Flexitol for sending me the creams to try out, I have genuinely enjoyed discovering this range :)

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Halloween and Christmas Fun at Lush Milton Keynes

Lush Milton Keynes

eeek! It’s beginning to look a lot like… yeap! It’s that time of year again and I am SO excited! I absolutely love any opportunity to party and have a little bit of fun.

I popped down to Lush in Milton Keynes the other day and found out all about their amazing Halloween and Christmas collections. I think you’re going to love them!

As always, everything is cruelty free and they said all the Christmas items this year are Vegan too! How fab is that! (Okay…that’s enough exclamation marks for the time being…)

I’ve always sung Lush’s praises, as not only are they proudly cruelty free (which EVERY beauty product should be!), they are one of the only companies out there to shout out about and stand up for various animal and human issues, whether that’s protesting, petitioning or selling products in aid of them. Go Lush! More companies should follow their path.

So, without further ado, say hello to Lush Halloween and Christmas 2017…

Lush Halloween 2017

Lush Halloween 2017

How fun do these Halloween goodies look!? If you’re heading off to a Halloween party this year or simply celebrating at home and waiting for those trick or treaters, I think it would be so fun to Halloween-up your bath time as you get ready!

Everything just looks so fun! I love the Monsters’ Ball bath bomb, which turns the water a beautiful purpley colour thanks to the lovely marshmallow pink and blue that fizzes out of this little monster. The scent of this little monster is lime and neroli, so yummy.

The cute little orange pumpkin is right up my street with cinnamon and vanilla scents, which are definitely faves of mine! This little guy turns your bath water bright orange too, how fun is that..!

To keep you “feline” fine on Halloween…ha, sorry. The Bewitched cat face bubble bar is probably the most fun of all…as it turns your bath black! I mean, if you can’t have a black bubble bath on Halloween, when can you? This little fella smells like blackberry and contains olibanum oil (sweet and woody smelling) and bergamot.

Glitter lover? Lush have you covered too! If you’re a glitter lover through and through, then you will love the full-on glittery pumpkin bubble bars available in both orange and pink. The orange one features juniperberry oil, lime oil and grapefruit oil. Whereas the cute little pink pumpkin contains geranium oil, bergamot oil and jasmine absolute. You can’t deny that these little pumpkins look so glitzy and fun!Lush Halloween 2017

Lush Christmas 2017

Lush Milton Keynes

I am 100% Christmas crazy! I love it! I’ve already bought presents and planned a whole load more. I’m getting super prepped for it this year so I can enjoy the festivities later this year stress free and organised.

Every year for as long as I remember, I have always bought myself a lush bath bomb to use on Christmas morning. It’s one of my favourite Christmas Day traditions! And at this Lush Milton Keynes blogger event I bought a few little lovelies, so I will have plenty to choose from and enjoy…I’m sure I’ll pop back for more too!

Lush Christmas 2017

Lush Milton Keynes

Of course, it’s no surprise to hear that Snow Fairy is back once again, ready to make your festive months pink and sweet smelling! However, there’s something very cool and new for Snow Fairy this year …she’s got naked!

Yeap. Lush being the fab eco-friendly people they are, have come up with a clever little thing called “naked”. Created with ingredients very close to those that are used to create the shower gel, these little naked shower gels don’t need the plastic bottle! They lather up just as well and you simply pop them down and let them dry out ready for next time. Naked shower gels don’t contain a soap base, so you needn’t worry about that side of things – they’re just simply super duperly clever and eco-friendly. Love it!

If you’re intrigued and have further questions about how it all works, they’ve written a handy guide to their naked shower gels here: …you can find out who else has gone naked on their website too!

Lush Christmas 2017

Lush Milton Keynes

Lush Christmas 2017

Lush Christmas 2017

Lush Christmas 2017

Doesn’t it all just look so …Lush!? It’s all so gorgeous, beautiful smelling and cruelty free – nothing can get better than that surely?

As mentioned earlier, Christmas at Lush is Vegan this year! So that’s a big plus. And, as always, they have spoiled us with a plethora of stunning products, there really is something for everyone!

This gal recommends…

The Berry Berry Christmas shower gel (this one is also available naked!) …this gel smells so divine and features cranberry, olive leaf absolute and sweet wild orange oil. What struck me about this shower gel before I even smelt it was the colour! It’s a beautiful glittery green colour, looking dark green in the bottle and a brighter green once you apply it to your skin. It’s stunning.

One of my favourite Lush bath bombs is the Butterball. If you love it like me, then the little Butterbear you can see just above here is for you! Filled with fair trade cocoa butter, ylang ylang oil and cocoa powder, this little guy will leave your skin smelling and feeling pretty damn delightful. I can’t wait to use mine this Christmas!

I’d also recommend giving the Luxury Lush Pud a sniff when you next pop in. I grabbed one of these as it looks and smells so lovely! This little pud contains lavender oil, benzoin resinoid (which is anti-inflammatory and protective), Tonka absolute and ylang ylang oil.

I popped the Christmas Sweater bath bomb into my basket too, as the scent of this is just so lovely, spicy and warming. With ginger powder, clove bud oil and coriander seed oil…this is a must-smell! I dare you not to walk away with this one!

So there you have it, a little taster of what is instore right now at Lush in Milton Keynes (found in the intu Milton Keynes shopping centre).

Thank you to the Lush team for inviting me down to check it all out, the evening was so fun!

You can see everything available at Lush for Halloween and Christmas 2017 on the website here:

What will you pick up? I’d love to know your favourites! :)

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Celebrating AW17 Fashion with intu Milton Keynes

intu Milton Keynes Shopping Centre

New season! New styles!

Tell me I’m not the only one who’s super excited to get their credit card out and go shopping for fresh new everything?

The other week a few of us local bloggers were invited to the latest intu blogging event all about AW17 fashion and all the beauty products you need to know about this season. The evening kicked off with Prosecco and macaroons…..and don’t the best of evenings start off that way!?

intu Milton Keynes

intu Milton Keynes

intu Milton Keynes

We were joined by the fab fashion brands of Karen Millen, Topshop, Miss Selfridge and New Look, and each of them talked us through their trends for the new season and some of their great key pieces. Karen Millen showed us a beautiful collection of classy monochrome with added burnt orange coloured statement items to add that touch of Autumn. I also loved everything New Look, Topshop and Miss Selfridge had on display. This season, expect reds, amazing sleeves, embroidery, blingy jeans, the most gorgeous snuggly knitwear and a little bit of leather too!

intu Milton Keynes Shopping Centre

intu Milton Keynes Shopping

intu Milton Keynes

What have you got your eye on this season? I’m thinking of adding a few more mustard coloured items into my wardrobe this season, alongside some new jeans and a million pairs of boots in a variety of colours! My bank account won’t know what’s hit it.

Not only were we graced by the presence of some of our favourite fashion brands from intu Milton Keynes, the beauty teams from Debenhams were there in force, alongside the lovely team from RUSH salon.

I was super pleased to see Bare Minerals there giving mini makeovers and telling us all about their new BAREPRO Performance Wear Liquid Foundation. This is one brand I’ve really been meaning to delve into a little deeper as I heard they are cruelty free! I love their brand as it’s all about being the best version of you, whether you like wearing liquid or powder foundations, the products are created to take care of your skin. They have the most gorgeous makeup range and I was so impressed to hear that they offer free …yes FREE! makeup lessons at their stand in the beauty section of Debenhams Milton Keynes. I for one will definitely be getting my name down for those very soon.

I also fell in love with the Laura Geller collection of Christmas gifts, they’re so beautifully packaged! I’ve never tried Laura Geller products before, but after hearing they’re cruelty free too, I’m looking forward to giving them a whirl.

intu Milton Keynes blogger

intu Milton Keynes

intu Milton Keynes

I have to say a huge thank you to the following brands for popping some lovely little goodies in our goodie bags for the evening: Lush, Karen Millen, Laura Geller, Clinique, Molton Brown, MAC, RUSH, Glam Glow, Topshop, Lancôme and Wrapchic.

RUSH hair salon (based in intu Milton Keynes) gave us a voucher for a free blow dry, so who was I to say no to a little pampering after work? If you’ve never visited their salon before, I really recommend booking in v. soon and checking out their absolutely stunning salon. It’s a mirrored beauty of a place, with gorgeous design all over. The team are so knowledgeable and really tailor the products they use to your type of hair. For my blow dry we went for a little wavy number, blow drying my hair straight and then adding curly waves using a beautiful GHD classic wave wand which has an oval shaped barrel. RUSH also sell the GHDs instore if you fancy trying the style out at home!

RUSH Salon Milton Keynes

Ahh, I’m so excited for AW17 shopping! Who’s with me!? :)

Don’t forget to pop over to the intu Milton Keynes website to plan your next trip, and I’ll see you there!

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Tropika Coconut Cleansing Oil Review

Tropika Coconut Cleansing Oil ReviewIsn’t it lovely how the sun keeps trying to shine lately? I only hope it continues to do so even more as we step ever closer to Summer! With Summer comes thoughts of fresh sunny days, dreams of tropical holidays, visiting the seaside, snacking on the most delicious fruit and enjoying lovely drinks on those brighter lighter evenings!

New season, new skincare! It’s time for me to change up my skincare with the season and use something lovely. So in stepped this wonderful brand I have only just recently discovered, Tropika! Tropika uses a blend of premium virgin coconut oil, alongside plant-based, aromatherapy extracts. They have 3 different collections available – Tropika Little Spa, Tropika Mums Spa and Tropika Skin.

Tropika Little Spa consists of a lovely herbal cream and massage oils in choice of either Lavender and Rose. All are perfectly gentle for your little one’s skin and the massage oils are a great natural choice for dry skin, nappy rash and cradle cap. The Tropika Mums Spa collection comprises of a massage oil, massage cream (which has the added benefit of helping to ease morning sickness!) and a tummy butter – so if you’re expecting or you’re a new mum, these could be perfect treats for you! Or, if you’re not, I think these would be perfect gifts to give to friends and family who are!

We then move on to the Tropika Skin range, which features this lovely cleansing oil I’m reviewing, alongside a gently blended coconut and tea tree moisturiser – and we all know how great both those ingredients are for our skin!

Now, let’s talk about this fab coconut cleansing oil. It arrived in a beautiful little Tropika bag, wrapped in tissue, tied with ribbon and a personalised tag with a little “A” embellishment. It was gorgeous! The team had placed a handwritten note inside wishing me a happy belated birthday and wrote how they hope I enjoy their product. How lovely of them! Well, I’m pleased to say, yes! Yes I really do love this product!

Tropika Coconut Cleansing Oil Review

I’ve been trying out the Tropika Coconut Cleansing Oil for the past few days and I’ve been really impressed with it. You only have to use the smallest amount of the oil (3-4 drops) with a little water to create a beautiful milky texture and gently massage this into your skin. As soon as you bring the cleanser up towards your face, suddenly you are awakened by the stunning scent of this product. Coconutty, even a little fruity in a way, this cleanser has a wonderful tropical-like scent to whisk you away to a foreign land. It’s *SO* lovely! The scent is not too in your face, it’s a perfectly balanced scent, but oh my! I love it!

I have combination skin, and I found this left my skin feeling fab, clean, smooth, moisturised from the natural oils and of course smelling equally as fab! This cleanser will also gently remove your makeup at the end of the day for you too.

Tropika Coconut Cleansing Oil Review

Now what if I was to tell you that this bottle of amazingness is also vegan, cruelty free and sustainably sourced!? Tick! Tick! Tick! What more could you ask for?

I think the bottle will look lovely on the side in your bathroom too, as the packaging looks great!

So if you’re after a cleanser that works, smells great, is ethical and looks pretty. Look no further than Tropika’s Coconut Cleansing Oil!

You can find out more about the brand over on their website here:

*I received this product free of charge from Tropika, but my thoughts on this fabulous little cruelty free and amazingly scented cleanser are most definitely my own!

My Second Floating Experience at Milton Keynes

A little while ago I was invited along to in Milton Keynes to try out this completely new way of relaxing….floating!!! You can read all about my first experience at (based in Crownhill, Milton Keynes) *HERE* Milton Keynes

If you missed my first write up about, here’s the low down on what it’s all about and how you float your way to total relaxation. So, is a hidden gem in Milton Keynes, and once you walk through their door, you leave your stressful, busy, hectic world behind and enter a completely new one. One where you are warmly welcomed by the friendly team, symbolically hand over your phone once you arrive and start your experience by sitting in a lovely chair whilst listening to the most chilled spa-like music ever. It’s time to 100% switch off!

Once you’ve had a few moments to ease yourself into relaxation mode, the team will lead you through to your own personal floatation room. Inside you will find a very space age looking tank, filled with beautifully warm water with added Epsom salts – which of course, is key to your float! The room also has an area for you to get ready, have a shower and be fully prepped for your experience. There’s a mirror, wipes provided and even a little sachet of petroleum jelly to cover any parts of sore skin – after all you don’t want to sting in the salty water! (I’d recommend shaving your legs the day before!).

Once you’re prepped and ready to experience your float, you can dip your toes into the warm water, close the doors of the tank behind you and switch off the internal tank light if you wish. It’s time to get comfortable, zone out, and float your way to freedom and relaxation.

The great thing about your second experience is that you know all of the above! No longer are you apprehensive about what to expect from this unusual new experience. No longer are you freaking out about whether you’ll feel odd lying in this tank in complete darkness (you can leave the light on in the tank if you wish!). No longer are you wondering how to complete the experience. You know the room, you know the drill, you know the tank… You’re already a pro!

This is when the magic happens…

With your new found expertise in how to float your way to relaxation, comes a whole new level of relaxing altogether! You’re so accustomed to it now, that you can feel each and every muscle in your body relax just that little bit more than last time. You can feel as if you are completely relaxed, but believe me, as you chill more and more whilst floating you’ll feel little muscles in your body letting go just a tad more as the time passes. And oh my did that happen to me! It happened so much that (especially in the last half of the experience) I drifted off to sleep for a few moments on more than one occasion. Yes, I was lying there in the beautiful warm water and air, relaxed enough to sleep whilst floating! A very surreal thing, but don’t worry, it’s completely safe to do so and a lot of people do end up falling asleep in this experience whilst every muscle is catered for by the ever-supportive Epsom salt-filled water.

So it’s true what they say. Your second float is truly where this experience comes to life and surely it can only get better from then on!? I’d really recommend giving a whirl. Treat yourself, your body and your mind. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and so much more at ease with life in general. It’s bloomin’ lovely!

Don’t forget, as I mentioned in my original post, once you have completed your float, has a room where you can dry your hair, apply your moisturiser/makeup etc. Plus, there’s a wonderful post-float relaxation room, where you can relax with beautiful music and images on a screen, partake in a little soothing colouring in and chill out in their lovely massage chairs. Perfect!

To find out more about in Milton Keynes, do pop over to their website here:

*I received my float free of charge from but my thoughts on this beautifully relaxing experience are most definitely my own. I mean. I can’t lie about being so relaxed I fell asleep! Ha!

Glo&Ray Makeup for Palmer//Harding at London Fashion Week

Glo Ray London Fashion Week

A couple of weekends ago I was invited along to an experience I’ll never forget. The fabulous Glo&Ray makeup team invited me and a few fellow bloggers down to London to the Palmer//Harding show at London Fashion Week.

Now I know some people get invited to these things all the time and some just aren’t interested but personally, I was so excited! It’s not every day that you get to watch all the “behind the scenes” hustle and bustle of a show, let alone at LFW – so I loved it!

Back at uni I actually studied Fashion Marketing and was always aware of the fashion weeks around the world, but never thought I’d attend any shows! So I must say a big thank you to Glo&Ray for inviting me – it was a fab way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Naturally, all the models were wearing Glo&Ray makeup. The theme of the show was “Glam Goth Rebellion”, so think edgy, think mysterious, with a touch of glam for good measure. The models looked amazing and rocked a streak of black eyeliner at the top of the eyelid, with a dot of gold on the inner eye for that added glam!

It was so fun to watch the craziness of backstage, with makeup being done one side and hair on the other. Down the middle of the room it was a rush of photographers, bloggers, helpers and so many more! Amazing!

Glo Ray London Fashion Week

The stage itself was amazing, so mysterious and pretty damn cool. The floor looked like bark chippings but was actually a load of recycled rubber pieces. There were dividers dotted along the runway, with chicken wire-like panels and aged-looking plaster which was falling away. Smoke filled the air to ensure the mysterious atmosphere was automatically portrayed, whilst tree branches hung from the pitched roof ceiling – it was stunning!

The models paraded around weaving in and out of the dividers on the runway. The Palmer//Harding clothing designs looked so lovely, so effortlessly chic. They’re known as “the shirt boys” – and wow! They definitely had some awesomely cut shirt style designs on these ladies!

Palmer Harding London Fashion Week

What an amazing show! Again, thank you so much Glo&Ray for the opportunity to come down and see the show!

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